10 Amazon Products That Will Give Your Plants a New Home

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Did you know that humans have been growing indoor plants since ancient times? Today, most homes have at least one. While plants clean the air, reduce stress, and create great decor, they deserve great places to bloom. So, it is time to give them a fresh, new home.

Amazon has many planter options, and we looked through all of them. We made this list to inspire you.

1. This planter will let you live out your hairdressing fantasy while giving your plant a new, adorable home. With this pot, you can grow anything you want as the hair.

Sorry, the product is not available now. We hope it’ll be soon!

This flower pot is produced using a unique technique that guarantees it won’t break or deteriorate over time. The adorable face planter features a drainage hole to let excess water run off and prevent unhealthy root development.

Promising review: I put a faux succulent arrangement in this little beauty and will be giving it to my hair stylist for Christmas — however, I want to keep it! :-) Not counting her “hair,” the planter stands about 6.5 inches tall, so it’s substantial. There is a hole in the bottom for drainage, should you decide to put a real succulent or plant in it. It is definitely a conversation piece. It is very nice quality, and I think it comes at a very good price. It’s adorable. You can’t look at it and not smile! @T. Shoemaker

4.7 out of 5

2. If you are you a plant lover and a Groot fan, we can say we’ve found the perfect pot for you. In this pot, your plants will always enjoy the company of the Groot — they won’t ever be alone.

Sorry, the product is not available now. We hope it’ll be soon!

This Groot can do many things. This pot can be used to grow small plants or flowers, or to hold your pencils. Because of the tiny hole under the flowerpot and the more sturdy hollow bottom, any additional water in the pot will eventually drain out.

Promising review: I bought this as a stocking stuffer for the Mrs. and she absolutely loves it! It came with 2 keychains as well that I didn’t know about, so that was an additional nice surprise and makes it an even better value for the money. @john hicks

4.7 out of 5

3. Your plants might love some color too. With these mandala plant pots, you can have healthy plants and great decor at the same time.

Sorry, the product is not available now. We hope it’ll be soon!

These ceramic succulent pots with a mandala design can resist harsh weather because they were fired at the high temperature of 1300° for 8 hours. They are quite simple to clean — all you need is water and soap. 6 plant pots are included with this package. Each ceramic planter has a bamboo saucer and a drainage hole.

The flower pot won’t overwater thanks to the drainage hole, which encourages plant growth and makes your plants healthier. They also include bamboo trays, which are useful for keeping your table clean.

Promising review: I love this set so much. The colors are really vibrant, the designs are pretty, the size is perfect for my mini succulent collection, and the pots come with drainage holes and trays, which just completes the whole thing perfectly. I would buy this set again in a heartbeat. @Amber

4.4 out of 5

4. You can create a scientific atmosphere on your desk with these bulb planters. Your plants’ roots will be visible thanks to their translucent bodies.

Sorry, the product is not available now. We hope it’ll be soon!

Propagate your plant’s baby in style in a bulb glass container with room for its roots (and a bird’s eye view of them) for monitoring its growing state.

Setting it up is incredibly simple. Fit the 2 wood pieces together, insert the metal bar through the glass’s holes, and fasten it with the little rubber gaskets that are included. Simply remove the glass bottles from the metal bracket or turn it to effortlessly pour the water. The screws and a hexagonal screwdriver are provided.

Promising review: These small vases are unusual and attractive. They look good and are useful for either propagating cuttings or just putting in small flowers. The wooden frame is very easy to assemble, and the glass vases, although delicate, are very well packaged. Delivery was very quick. Highly recommend. @graeme139

4.6 out of 5

5. A hexagonal plant stand that allows you to find the unique shape that you like.

Sorry, the product is not available now. We hope it’ll be soon!

The hexagons can be arranged differently to make more interesting and entertaining forms. They are composed entirely of solid, natural wood. You can make a huge plant family by grouping more than 7 plant pots.

Additionally, there is no need to worry about assembly! It comes together so quickly. For easy installation, the plant stands come with thorough written instructions as well as video tutorials.

Promising review: It was easy to put together, took a little while, but looks so nice. I never used screws, yet it’s still sturdy enough. I don’t have the space to make it bigger, but when I move, I can’t wait to buy more bits to expand. @Manda

4.3 out of 5

6. You might be worried that your plants might not get enough water while you’re on vacation. Let’s change that. While you are gone, they will be watered by this self-watering flowerpot.

Sorry, the product is not available now. We hope it’ll be soon!

It contains a wick rope that is fitted into the bottom of the pot and enables both indoor and outdoor plants to sate their thirst by drawing water from the reservoir. Each saucer doesn’t require a regular water dump. The retractable watering lip design allows for direct bottom watering as well as overwatering protection for plants.

Water in the reservoir can supply plants with more than 7–10 days’ worth of water, so you won’t have to worry about them drying up while you’re on vacation or away on business. If you water from the top, the extra water will drip into the bottom reservoir for storage.

Promising review: When we went away for 3 weeks over the hottest spell in recent years, our houseplants were in peril. Transplanting them into these clever pots saved the day. The water reservoir in the bottom saucer is slowly wicked up to the roots of the plant above. It isn’t as good as a hearty watering, but it stops the pot from completely drying out. The plants we moved into these pots all survived our trip. @The Family Worm.

4.7 out of 5

7. With this cute planter, you can see your favorite Pokémon on your desk with your plant.

Sorry, the product is not available now. We hope it’ll be soon!

This Bulbasaur can store all of your different little plants, including succulents, flowers, herbs, and more. You won’t have to worry about overwatering your plants because it features a drainage hole at the bottom. It also functions well as a desk storage box and a container for pens. Additionally, you can paint eyeballs on it to give it the whole Bulbasaur appearance!

Promising review: Its color and shape are almost identical to Bulbasaur! I can’t wait to give him a plant. Money well spent. @Andreas

4.5 out of 5

8. Imagine animals and plants combined. These plant pots take care of your plants while looking adorable as ever.

Sorry, the product is not available now. We hope it’ll be soon!

These animal planters are constructed of high-quality ceramic that has been fully glazed and polished. Additionally, trays that shield the surfaces are included. You’ll have cute owl and cat designs.

These little succulent pots include a small hole at the bottom for drainage. They also have trays to efficiently collect extra soil and water. And they come in a set of 6.

Promising review: I’m very happy with these planters. They are small, but perfect for little succulents. The quality is far better than I was expecting, and the little bamboo tray the pots sit on is neat and well-made. The colors are muted and blend really well together; I have them lined up on the kitchen windowsill, and it makes a lovely display. If you need mini pots, this is a must-have. @Maviscruet

4.6 out of 5

9. You can get creative while growing your plants. These plant pots arrive as blank canvases, and you can give them any face you want.

Sorry, the product is not available now. We hope it’ll be soon!

These have blank faces, so you can doodle on them. The wet wipe and marker pen are included. The indoor plant pot is also a cute glasses holder, with a creative nose and ears, so you can safely store your glasses on it and never lose them again. This can also be a pen holder for your desk in addition to being a pot for succulents, a cactus, or any other desk plants you choose.

Promising review: A well-packaged box with plenty of thick polystyrene to protect the pottery. These are aimed at all ages, as you can get creative with decorating the pots, and although they are supplied with artificial plants, there is nothing stopping you from adding real plants or converting them into containers instead.
They come with permanent markers, and once again, you can purchase additional colors separately or even paints — it’s entirely up to you.
Highly recommend. @mark moorhouse

4.8 out of 5

10. Your plants can now live in their own space, especially succulents. This glass terrarium will enhance your home’s decor while providing a lovely place for your plants.

Sorry, the product is not available now. We hope it’ll be soon!

Unlike other terrariums, the glass panes in this one are sealed. It won’t leak, but it’s not made to be a hydroponic system. It can create a different climate inside for tropical or desert plants, with a swing door on the top to keep out rain and dryness. Succulents, moss, fern, cactus, tiny tropical plants, miniature gardens, and fairy gardens can all be housed in this terrarium.

Promising review: A beautiful terrarium that houses all my plants very nicely. I bought this after my previous terrarium jar was smashed when I moved. It arrived on time and was tightly wrapped in polystyrene and bubble wrap, ensuring that it was secure in transit and not broken upon arrival. This terrarium is stunning, and I really like the way it looks. It’s sturdy but light enough that the plants can breathe. There is a little roof that can open and close with a little metal stand, and this is nice to remove the condensation that can build up within. Highly recommended. @K Pandya

4.6 out of 5

Would you consider yourself a plant lover? How long have you been taking care of the plant that you have had the longest in your home?

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