20 People Who Know Exactly How to Make Valentine’s Day More Special

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The celebration of Valentine’s Day may differ from country to country. For example, in Finland, Valentine’s Day is known as “Ystävänpäivä,” which translates to “Friend’s Day.” And in Japan, Valentine’s Day is a day for women to give chocolates to men, while on White Day (March 14), men return the favor by giving gifts to women. No matter how you celebrate, it’s most important to do it with warmth, happiness, and fun, just like the heroes of our article did.

1. “A Valentine I made when I was 5.”

2. “So lucky to be spending another Valentine’s Day with the most beautiful person in the world.”

3. “My daughter is blind and her 2nd-grade class is exchanging Valentines tomorrow.”

“She brailled ‘love’ on each one, and the letters in print are so her classmates know what it says.”

4. “My wife and I met on Reddit, so I ordered her this for Valentine’s Day.”

5. “He gave me an early Valentine’s gift.”

6. “My Boyfriend doesn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, I think I’ve found the perfect gift.”

7. “Girlfriend called Domino’s to send me a surprise heart-shaped Valentine’s Day pizza while I’m on a business trip.”

8. “What my girlfriend gave me for Valentine’s Day on the left and what I gave her on the right. We couldn’t stop laughing.”

9. “Little late, but my wife’s Valentine’s gift just arrived.”

10. “My wife made me a cake for Valentine’s Day.”

11. “Happy Valentine’s from my boy Desoto!”

12. “My attempt to decorate a Valentine’s Day cake.”

13. “I think I nailed it this year.”

14. “Valentine’s cake for my wife.”

15. “I baked a ‘Last of Us’ themed strawberry pie for Valentine’s Day.”

16. “My 9yo is really putting love into her class Valentines.”

17. “Surprised my son with waffle cinnamon rolls for Valentine’s Day breakfast.”

18. “I surprised my wife this morning. She called me a cute loser.”

19. “I’m new to having an SO on Valentine’s Day... Am I doing this right?”

20. “Found a pretty sweet Valentine’s Day card for the husband.”

That was a rhetorical question.
You don’t have a choice—we’re married.

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