15+ People Who Wrapped Their Presents So Creatively That It’s Impossible to Guess What’s Inside

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Some people give presents in their original packaging or even without it, like socks or a shirt. But there are others who not only wrap their presents beautifully, but actually do everything to confuse the recipient. For example, they can wrap a hoodie in a way that makes it seem like a ukulele. Let’s have a look at how these 18 creative people wrapped their presents.

1. An umbrella disguised as a rocking chair

2. “I took some gummies and got really into wrapping this pot.”

3. A board game wrapped like a guitar

4. “It’s actually 2 smartwatch bands.”

5. “Inside the toilet was a cute cat coffee cup and a box of hot chocolate mix.”

6. And here is cash taped around an actual hanger.

7. “I wrapped a Moomin mug as a hair dryer complete with cord for my wife for Christmas last year.”

8. A set of holiday postcards is inside.

9. “I built a Ferris wheel to hold my girlfriend’s Christmas gifts.”

10. A cast iron pan is wrapped in a way to look like a turtle.

11. Actually, it’s a rolled map in a tube.

12. “The kids never guessed these were skateboards.”

13. Apparently, the ukulele is actually a hoodie.

14. In reality, it’s not a scooter but an umbrella.

15. A pack of shower steamers wrapped like a dinosaur

16. This is not a hanger stand but a golf umbrella.

17. There’s a board game under the wrapping paper.

18. “I got tired of giving envelopes with gift cards in them. This year, everyone gets a paper-mache animal filled with candy (and a gift card).”

Do you like to wrap the presents you give to your loved ones? Do you usually get creative or keep things simple?


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