15+ Pictures That Prove Nature Has a Hidden Treasure Around Every Corner

year ago

As they say, discovery lies where people are looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different. And many times, the universe gives us an opportunity to see some extraordinary things for ourselves and share them with the whole world.

1. “Banana flower looking like a villain from Alice in Wonderland

2. Can you find the second elephant in the water?

3. “An interesting piece of ice I found in the shape of a heart”

4. “Is it Cthulhu?”

5. “Fish with human-like teeth”

6. “Found a minke whale skull while camping.”

7. “This tree appeared to grow a child.”

8. “This budding magnolia tree fruit that looks like an evil genius cartoon insect”

9. “A tree healing a stump that looks like a monster skull”

10. “A cloud, that resembles a polar bear, from my walk earlier today”

11. “The naturally crisscrossed stem of this plant”

12. “Saw some cool shelf fungus growing on one of my trees, all I see is a velociraptor head.”

13. “Tree pruning à la Build-A-Bear Workshop”

14. “Aliens hiding in my red cabbage”

15. “This rock I found in a clump of seaweed kind of looks like a human heart.”

16. “Carrot that looks just like my toe-thumb”

17. “This crested saguaro”

18. “The light coming through this small window at a restaurant”

Preview photo credit tom_yacht / Reddit


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