22 Times We Looked at the Screen and Immediately Started to Smile

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For all of us experiencing the post-holiday blues, we can guarantee there’s nothing a cup of hot cocoa and a pinch of serotonin can’t fix. And for a dose of the latter, we searched online for the cutest moments captured on camera. So now, all you need to do is lie down on your couch and get ready to have your day brightened.

1. “My son in 2022 and me in 1993 holding our newborn baby sisters”

2. “We are a foster home, 3 of them have been adopted. My parents got them matching pajamas and they were tickled pink about it.”

3. “My dad gets a cold head at night so I got him a gnome hat for his birthday.”

4. “Just before and just after I said crying over a dress was silly and I would certainly not be doing it myself.”

5. “I love seeing my 2 different daughters become best friends.”

6. “My grandma dressed up for Halloween.”

7. “My fiancé knows the blue ones are my favorite, so he ate around them and gave me this very blue bowl.”

8. “My mom and dad on their wedding day and 28 years later”

9. “These 2 good doggos on an adventure”

10. “The way my daughter looks at her big sister on video calls melts my heart.”

11. “My son and me in matching cow-digans!”

12. “I pass this on my drive to the office a few times a month.”

13. “My daughter asked for a Kirby lunch today. I did my best.”

14. “Cuddles before bedtime”

15. “This radish I cut for my salad”

16. “It’s not a diamond, but my girlfriend of 4 years said yes. I can’t wait to marry my best friend.”

17. “My husband and son’s first time sledding”

18. “Hugs from my best friend Finn at the shelter”

19. “Grandma and Grandpa are proud of me!”

20. “Moved to a new country, and today I made my first friend. Look how proud he is!”

21. “A girl from my college made this for me and called me handsome — I’ve been blushing ever since.”

22. “My brother’s dog doesn’t understand how to use a fire hydrant.”

Do you have a special moment from 2022 that brightened your day like no other? Share your story here with us!

Preview photo credit Shark-F**** / Reddit


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