10 Animals Who Are Actually Dangerous Despite Their Innocent Looks

2 years ago

There are more than 8 million animal species in nature, and each looks different. Sometimes it seems to us that some of them are simply made to be affectionate and cute, such as a lazy panda or a funny prairie dog. However, even these animals have adapted to the harsh world around them and can be quite dangerous to humans.

At Bright Side, we were really surprised to learn that some charming animals are not as harmless as we thought.

Red fox

Most people think of the red fox as a shy and cute animal with big ears and a beautiful coat. Even in cartoons, children often see that the fox doesn’t pose any danger, except that it can be quite cunning. Is this really so?

The red fox (Vulpes vulpes) is the largest representative of its kind and belongs to the order, Carnivora. As a rule, these animals are not dangerous to humans, as they avoid meeting them at any cost. But if a fox is hungry, it may very well attack chickens. Don’t forget that a fox can be sick with rabies, so it’s best not to confront one in any situation.


When looking at this photo, we can see that a weasel looks like a small, fast, and pretty animal that you just want to cuddle in your hands. But don’t jump to conclusions.

Weasels are very curious, they often get into secluded places, and can be quite aggressive if taken by surprise. Also, don’t forget that the animal can be a carrier of dangerous diseases, so you shouldn’t try to catch one, especially with your bare hands. Due to their accelerated metabolism, weasels eat about 40% of their own body weight daily. You can imagine what their appetite is.

Freshwater snail

When it comes to dangerous creatures, the largest representatives of the animal world come to mind, like lions, tigers, and bears. But the threat can also come from beings who seem completely harmless.

Some species of freshwater snails carry parasites that cause echinostomiasis, a disease that affects the human gastrointestinal tract. When coming across this mollusk, it’s better to just pass it by and let it quietly crawl about its business.

Honey bee

Many of us know how sweet honey is and how painful bee stings are. When coming across a bee, we involuntarily begin to wave our hands to scare it away. But these actions can be perceived as aggression by an insect, and it will attack immediately.

In fact, these insects don’t pose a threat to humans. However, if a person is allergic to a sting, the situation changes dramatically, and each bee can be considered deadly. Often, people don’t even know they have this allergy. According to studies, bees can be more dangerous than snakes and spiders in some regions, given the number of people hospitalized.


An ordinary house mouse may look like a sweet and harmless creature, unable to cause any harm to a person except for stealing a piece of cheese or a cookie from the table. But this is only partly true.

Mice can actually pose a few serious problems for people at once, including the spread of disease and damage to property. To keep their teeth short, they need to nibble all the time, and it doesn’t matter what gets in their way, whether it be electrical wiring or furniture. Incredibly, they are even able to chew through concrete. It’s also important to remember that these rodents reproduce very quickly — a group of 6-8 individuals can increase to 60 in just 3 months.


This cute bird with big eyes is always asleep — well, this is what many of us think of owls. Some people even compare themselves to this bird in the morning, especially on Mondays. But don’t forget that these are birds of prey.

Owls lead a nocturnal lifestyle. They have sharp claws, keen eyes and ears, and special feathers that allow them to fly almost silently. Their diet includes small mammals and insects and sometimes fish. Despite this, there have been occasions when owls attacked dogs and even people. So we wouldn’t call an owl a harmless creature.

Prairie dog

Cute prairie dogs with funny, chubby bellies, despite their looks and harmless name, may very well be a danger to humans.

Contrary to the belief that these rodents feed exclusively on grass, there were occasions when they attacked and destroyed their closest relatives, ground squirrels. Don’t forget that prairie dogs can be carriers of various diseases. Given this, it’s better for a person to avoid coming into contact with them.


Most people think of a panda as an adorable, lazy, black and white bear, who is resting and chewing on bamboo shoots. In reality, this is all true, but with a couple small exceptions.

Despite the fact that pandas are herbivores, their digestive system and teeth are like those of a real predator. In addition, these bears are much stronger than adult humans. Unfortunately, there have already been recorded cases of attacks, so don’t underestimate this cute (but still wild) animal.

Garden tiger moth

While walking through a spring meadow, you may see butterflies taking off from the grass every now and then, chaotically flapping their wings, and, if you’re lucky enough, one of them will land on your hand. However, not all types of these insects are harmless.

The garden tiger moth is a representative of butterflies, which feels safe because even predators try to avoid it. However, it’s not just the color, but also the neurotoxic choline esters they contain, and the hairs of its caterpillar can even cause hives and severe irritation in humans.

Box jellyfish

While watching documentaries about the underwater world and its inhabitants, we often see fascinating footage of jellyfish. In the rays of light breaking through the water, it seems as if it’s in outer space. Despite its harmless appearance, there is a jellyfish that can rightfully be considered one of the most dangerous species on the planet.

The venom of the box jellyfish is among the most deadly because it contains a large number of toxins that affect the heart and nervous system.

Have you ever met a dangerous animal? Perhaps you took a couple of photos of them! Share them in the comments below.

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I know about pandas. I read a post in which they told that they was monster at ancient times but today, they are lazy and unharmful. I research most and came to know, they are also a form of a bear with same adaptations. I shocked when I know, I was thinking to hug a panda.


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