10 Awesome Movies You Might Have Missed

10 months ago

Among newly released blockbusters, there are quite a few that can exceed our expectations. That is why we at Bright Side came up with a list of movies which turned out to be not only commercially successful but also managed to create an emotional connection with the audience.

Café Society

The legendary Woody Allen steadily continues to release one movie a year. This time it is a story from the 1930s. A young man (Jesse Eisenberg) is trying to conquer Hollywood. He falls in love and falls into the epicenter of the high life. One can easily recognize Woody Allen’s signature style: light humor, a sophisticated picture, a little bit of sentiment, and lyrical musical compositions.

The Nice Guys

The 1970s. Licensed PI Holland March and much-less-licensed private eye Jackson Healey have to unite their efforts to solve the case of a missing girl. However, they unexpectedly get involved in something that looks like the crime of the century.

The movie has some really great features: the mysterious ambiance, the brilliant Crow-Gosling duo, a wonderful sense of humor, and an intriguing storyline. There’s no doubt that this criminal comedy was one of the best movies of 2016, and it’s definitely worth seeing.

Swiss Army Man

The main hero, Hank, finds himself on a deserted island. He is losing hope of getting away when suddenly luck smiles at him, and he finds the corpse of a young man by the name of Manny. Manny helps Hank to survive and gain his life back.

One can say that the events of the movie are really crazy. Maybe. But the storyline is really smart with a keen philosophic underlying idea. It’s worth seeing the result and the main attraction of Daniel Radcliffe, who skillfully played the corpse.


Based on true events, this is the story of the legendary African-American athlete Jesse Owens, whose incredible perseverance brought him to the world stage of the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Berlin. Despite hardships, the man managed to prove to the whole world that sport was higher than any prejudice. With his heroic example, he challenged the most horrible regime of the last century.

A sportive drama that will leave no one indifferent.

A Man Called Ove

This movie is an absolute Swedish blockbuster, based on the best-selling book, and it has been seen by almost 20% of the country’s population. Ove is an elderly nerd, a grumbler, and just a bore who strictly follows every single rule and forces everyone around to follow his example. In reality, he misses his late wife desperately and wants to unite with her in Heaven. But how can he commit suicide if a noisy international family lives nearby?

Sing Street

And here is another nostalgic movie. This time, the events of the story are happening in the 1980s. Conor’s family affairs are quite strained, and his parents decide to transfer him to a public school. To impress the mysterious girl he likes, Conor decides to start a rock band.

This movie is about first love, growing up, passion for freedom, and, of course, music.


Davis is going through a terrible tragedy: his wife perished in a car accident. It is weird, but he cannot feel a thing except for an overwhelming desire to demolish everything, including his own house. This is a multilayered story which combines different genres.

The director and the cast did a great job translating this complicated emotional message.

Captain Fantastic

Ben is the father of a very unusual family. They live away from civilization, and he is devoted to raising his 6 children with a strict physical and intellectual education, including such disciplines as mathematics, literature, and philosophy. A family tragedy is forcing them to move across the entire country, and the father is challenged with a question: what will happen to these kids who have never encountered civilization before?

This is a very wise and philosophic drama about family matters and children’s upbringing. And those with children will probably find it a very curious movie.

Flight Crew

This is a Russian movie about a young and talented pilot, Alexey Gushchin (performed by Danila Kozlovsky), who is literally obsessed by the sky and flying. But life brings him a trying ordeal when he has to risk his own life in order to save hundreds of others.

The movie keeps you in suspense from the beginning until the end and makes you empathize with the characters. An excellent movie.


This animated movie is so good we just couldn’t skip it. Zootopia is a metropolis with all kinds of animals for its citizens. New police officer Judy, a rabbit, and Nick, a fox, are trying to solve a case which threatens the whole city.

With this movie, you can laugh and cry and get worried along with the characters. The story gives some life lessons and will be loved by both children and adults.

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