10 Celebrities Who Showed on Instagram What Being a Mother Truly Is

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9 months ago

We know that celebrities live a glamorous life surrounded by luxury and designer clothing. However, these actresses and singers showed that they are just like the rest of the mothers in the world as they too have to deal with sleepless nights, crying babies, vomit, and girdle panties.

Bright Side has reviewed the Instagram accounts of different celebrities who weren’t afraid to be honest about the difficulties of being a mom.

1. Kristen Bell

The Good Place actress has never been afraid to talk about taboo subjects, from her husband Dax Shepard’s addiction problems to her struggle to maintain a messy house on Instagram. Despite her honesty on the social media platform, Kristen chooses not to reveal images showing the faces of her daughters Lincoln and Delta. She does this because it will be her little girls’ decision in the future whether or not they want to be recognized by strangers on the street.

2. Chrissy Teigen

If there’s one famous mom who doesn’t mince her words, it’s Chrissy Teigen. The renowned model and wife of singer, John Legend has become an example to follow thanks to her transparency on the social network — thousands of women have applauded her for showing herself as a real mom. The cookbook author has shared various images of her breastfeeding her children or attempting to balance work and motherhood, but it was a photograph of her using a douche to relieve postpartum pain while at the same time wearing a hot pillow for her neck and a face mask that gave her the title of “Instagram Queen.”

3. Jennifer Garner

This actress is not afraid to roll up her sleeves, tie up her hair, and get dirty when it comes to raising the 3 children she had with her ex-husband, Ben Affleck. Jennifer cooks in her pajamas and spends hours doing school projects with her little ones. On one occasion, Jennifer spent hours sitting in front of a supermarket while trying to sell her daughters’ Girl Scouts cookies. Above all, this celebrity stresses the importance of raising kind and generous children.

4. Pink

A mother of 2 by day and a rock star by night, Pink is the first to admit how hard and frustrating it can be to balance motherhood and work. The singer of “Family Portrait” was on a world tour last year and with her were her 2 little ones and her husband, motocross rider Carey Hart.

5. Serena Williams

Serena Williams is a champion both on the tennis court and in the outside world. The 23-time Grand Slam winner has had no qualms about asking her 10.8 million fans on Instagram for maternity advice. She’s not afraid to admit how hard it is to be a woman who divides her time between raising her little girl and being a professional athlete. After the birth of her daughter Olympia in late 2017, Serena had to give up some sporting commitments due to health issues and many women identified with the fact that she opened up about it on social media by saying, “I didn’t just go through some difficult personal stuff, I was just living in chaos. Mostly, I felt I wasn’t a good mother.”

6. Drew Barrymore

The E.T. actress has used her Instagram account to give other moms tips on how to take work and motherhood hand in hand. Drew focuses mainly on showing her daughters Olive and Frankie that work should not be a source of frustration but rather, empowerment.

7. Hilary Duff

The mother of 2 has talked openly about how she manages to raise her son Luca with her ex-husband and how she relies on her current partner, musician Matthew Koma, to help her balance work and motherhood. During her daughter Banks’ pregnancy, Hilary documented on the social network the changes her body went through in the 9 months and confessed how complicated it could be. “Sick of getting up 9 times a night to pee and looking at this weird body in the mirror that is not my own,” the actress wrote.

8. Kelly Clarkson

The 3-time Grammy winner has repeatedly commented on how difficult it is to be a professional singer with a world tour, 3 young children and 2 stepchildren. Kelly admits that she will miss out on some special moments with them in the future, however, this does not mean she’s a bad mother. In fact, it’s quite the contrary!

9. Cardi B

Since the “I Like It” performer became a mother last year, she has been very honest about the ups and downs of motherhood, sharing her journey with her millions of followers. The rapper has talked about issues ranging from postpartum depression to extreme tiredness. Cardi B is not afraid to show her most vulnerable side, especially when she confessed that the birth of her daughter Kulture was much more difficult than she imagined. “She broke my vagina...why does nobody tell you about those things?” she joked.

10. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian-West’s family continues to expand! This year, the reality star announced that they will have another child through surrogacy. The mother of 4 has documented on her television show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the difficulties of having more children because she suffers from placenta accreta, a condition that would put both her life and that of the fetus at risk if she became pregnant. In 2018, they welcomed their daughter Chicago who was also born by the same method. Kim has always been transparent with her supporters, telling them about the process of adjustment with the baby and her 2 other children, North and Saint.

Do you think these moms were brave to be so honest on Instagram? Share your opinion on whether celebrities should be more honest on social networks.

Preview photo credit Chrissy Teigen/ Instagram


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