10 Celebrities Who Worked Minimum Wage Jobs

3 years ago

The path to success isn’t easy for everyone, and celebrities are no exception. Yes, some of them were lucky to hit the lottery at birth, but others had to work as janitors to achieve the things they have today.

We at Bright Side were eager to find out what some celebrities did for work before they become famous, and we were so inspired by their stories that we couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

1. Chris Pratt worked at a Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant.

When he was 19 years old, Chris Pratt lived in a van and worked as a server. 20 years later, he posted a picture on his Instagram page, dining in one of the Bubba Gump Shrimp chain restaurants and wrote: “Every time I go back I’m reminded of the thousands of shrimp I ate off of people’s plates on the way back to the kitchen.”

2. Jim Carrey worked as a janitor.

Jim Carrey first debuted as a stand-up comedian when he was just 15 years old. However, at that time, he couldn’t make a living off of it. And because Carrey and his family lived in a van back then, in order to financially support them, the day he turned 16, he started working as a janitor in a factory.

Carrey dropped out of high school and worked at the factory for 2 years until, one day, he managed to make a living working as a professional comedian.

3. Julia Roberts worked at Baskin-Robbins.

Before she became a worldwide famous actress, Julia Roberts worked as an ice cream scooper. With the money she earned while working there, Roberts was able to pay for the acting classes she was attending.

4. Brad Pitt worked as a chicken mascot.

Dressed up as a chicken, Brad Pitt used to wave a banner to attract customers to the local El Pollo Loco restaurant. In an interview, Pitt revealed that he had no shame wearing the costume, saying, “Man’s gotta eat.”

5. Michelle Pfeiffer worked as a cashier.

Michelle Pfeiffer started working a part-time job when she was only 14 years old. One of the jobs she had was as a check-out girl in a supermarket. However, she didn’t enjoy this and eventually revealed: “When I was checking groceries, I was just frustrated. I wanted to do something. So I finally asked myself what it was I wanted to do.” That’s when Pfeiffer realized she wanted to act.

6. Jake Gyllenhaal worked as a lifeguard.

Before becoming a successful actor, Jake Gyllenhaal used to watch over swimmers at the beach. While he was on duty, there were no major incidents. However, Gyllenhaal still happened to come in handy for one person. A swimmer was stung by a jellyfish and Gyllenhaal helped to relieve his pain.

7. Hugh Jackman worked as a party clown.

Before Hugh Jackman took up an acting career, he used to entertain kids at parties. But Jackman admitted that he was really bad at magic, and in an interview, he revealed: “I was Coco the Clown, and I had no magic tricks, and I remember a 6-year-old standing up at a party saying, ’Mommy, this clown is terrible, he doesn’t know any tricks,’ and he was right.”

8. Eva Longoria worked at Wendy’s.

When Eva Longoria was 15 years old, she wanted a quinceañera gown (a dress that girls in Latin America wear for their 15th birthday). Unfortunately, Longoria’s parents couldn’t afford one, so she got a job at the fast food restaurant, Wendy’s, and paid for the dress herself.

9. James Franco worked at McDonald’s.

After dropping out of UCLA, James Franco was fired from a golf course and a coffee shop. His parents cut him off financially, and he struggled to find an acting job. Then’s when he started working at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Los Angeles.

While working there, Franco practiced his foreign accent on customers and ate the cheeseburgers that were headed for the trash. In one interview, he revealed: “McDonald’s was there for me when no one else was.”

10. Megan Fox worked at a smoothie shop.

Megan Fox usually worked behind the register, but that wasn’t all she did. Once a week, one of the employees had to dress up as a fruit, and Fox was a giant banana.

Do you believe these job positions helped these actors become who they are today? What was a job that helped you become the person you are now?


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