10 Celebrity Kids Who Didn’t Pick Acting as Their Profession and Still Excelled

2 years ago

Following in your celebrity parent’s footsteps is nothing unusual for Hollywood, after all, we have witnessed generations of actors come from the same families. But some children with famous parents choose a different career for themselves, and achieve success in an industry outside of their parent’s profession all on their own.

Bright Side was surprised to find out the range of the careers children of actors choose. We have collected 10 examples of people with celebrity parents finding success in other areas.

1. Tom Selleck’s daughter is a horseback rider.

Hannah Selleck won several medals even as an amateur horseback rider. She recently became a professional athlete and finished a few of her competitions in a top-five spot.

2. Dwayne Johnson’s daughter is a wrestler.

Simone Johnson signed to a professional wrestling company WWE in 2020 and became the youngest wrestler in all of the company.

3. Jamie Lee Curtis’ daughter is a dance instructor.

Annie Guest is often her mother’s plus-one on red carpets, but she is not an actress. She actually works as a dance teacher in Los Angeles.

4. Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates’ daughter is a singer-songwriter.

Greta Kline was born to a family of actors, but she decided to pursue a musical career instead. She is the leader of an indie band Frankie Cosmos.

5. Luke Perry’s son is a pro-wrestler.

Jack Perry is a rising star in the professional wrestling world and goes by the name Jungle Boy due to the resemblance to his in-the-ring persona Tarzan.

6. Bill Murray’s son is a basketball coach and recruiter.

Luke Murray has an impressive resume being a college basketball coach, with nearly 15 years of experience. In 2020, he was ranked among the top 10 on the ESPN list of men’s college basketball coaches.

7. Harrison Ford’s son is a chef.

Ben Ford is a professional chef and an owner of several restaurants, including the famous Ford’s Filling Station restaurant.

8. Michael Keaton’s son is a songwriter.

Sean Douglas works as a songwriter and a record producer, and he is really successful: not only is he a multi-platinum record seller, but recently he also won a Grammy for his work on Lizzo’s album Cuz I Love You.

9. Steven Spielberg’s children are a music duo.

Although their father is a famous movie director, Sasha and Theo Spielberg decided to pursue a career in music instead of acting. They have an indie-folk band called Wardell and they are signed under Jay-Z’s label.

10. Robert De Niro’s son is a real estate broker.

Raphael De Niro may be called a former actor due to him appearing in the movie Love Streams, but he seemingly decided that this path was not for him. Instead, he works as a real estate broker and is really successful, with him getting ranked #1 on the list of Manhattan’s top residential agents.

Did your parents ever want you to follow in their footsteps?


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