10 Clothing Items That Are Worth Buying a Size Larger

It has probably happened to you — you go to the mall to buy something specific, but end up with a lot of things you never intended to buy. You just try something on, the size is right, and you hand over your bank card. But we rarely think about how this clothing item will behave during wearing and washing.

At Bright Side, we decided to find out what clothing items are worth buying a size bigger to avoid problems during wear.


It’s best to buy plain T-shirts that are made from cotton in sizes a little bit bigger. This way, you won’t have to be afraid that your T-shirt will shrink if you tumble dry it. You can balance a loose T-shirt with a tight-fitting bottom.


Shirts are often made from natural fabrics, so they also tend to shrink, although not as much as T-shirts. But the catch is that you can’t know where exactly it can shrink — in the sleeves, collar, or shoulders. At the same time, a shirt with a relaxed fit gives you an appearance that’s both classy and effortless.

Bodycon dress

The common problem with bodycon dresses, which you buy in your size, is that your underwear may peek through them. To avoid this, try getting a dress one size larger. A looser fit will look better on the curves of your body without awkward tightness. It also allows the body to breathe.

Wool sweater

It’s probably a known fact that sweaters tend to shrink a lot, especially if you choose the wrong cycle during washing. This is why it’s better to get a sweater of a looser fit. Besides, it’s so much cozier this way.

Trench coat

Since we tend to wear a trench coat in spring with a shirt or a dress underneath (and sometimes something even warmer), it’s a good idea to get a trench coat a size bigger. Then you can easily wear additional layers of clothing if the weather is chilly.


Since most socks are made from cotton, shrinking is a common problem. This is why it’s worth getting socks that are a tad bigger. This way, even if they shrink in the wash, they won’t become too small or cut off your circulation.


If you want to update your wardrobe, the simplest way to do it is to get a blazer in a bigger size. You can wear it with pants or with a dress. And this can make your look appear very modern.


A sundress is another clothing item that can shrink in the wash. So it’s a good idea to get one of a bigger size in order not to lose an inch or 2 off the hem or somewhere else.

Denim jacket

A denim jacket should not be oversized, otherwise, your look will appear too squarish. But it’s okay to get a denim jacket a size bigger, as you can wear a hoodie or a few layers of clothing underneath it this way.


When choosing pumps, keep in mind that the higher the heel is, the more your feet will be pushed forward in the shoes. So it’s a good idea to get shoes a half-size larger if their heels are 2 to 3.5 inches, and 1-1.5 sizes larger if the heels are 4 inches and higher.

What clothing items of a bigger size do you tend to buy? Tell us in the comments below.

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It's near impossible to find socks that are all or mostly cotton. Does anyone do any research at all before writing this nonsense?


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