10 Comics That Show We Have a Long Way to Go to Catch Up With Our Moms

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2 years ago

Usually, when our moms are at our homes it seems like things are a lot different. Calmer mornings with a nice breakfast on the table, homemade cakes, and even our plants are starting to come to life. It’s like they are using magic. That’s why for most of us it seems like we can never catch up with them, but what we can do is have a good laugh about the contrast between us.

We at Bright Side have a compilation of illustrations that shows the difference between what we do and how our mothers do it.

1. How my kitchen looks after I make a piece of toast vs my mom’s kitchen after making a full course meal.

2. My morning with my kid vs when my mom is around.

3. How I shop with my kid vs how my mom shops with her.

4. How I make cake vs how my mom makes a cake.

5. How I look when I get up from bed vs when my mom gets up from bed.

6. When I get unexpected guests vs my mom.

7. How I braid my daughter’s hair vs how my mom braids her hair.

8. What I shop vs what my mom shops.

9. How I do my chores vs how my mom does hers.

10. My plants vs my mom’s plants.

Which one did you find yourself in? What do you want to learn more from your mom?

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