10+ Deleted Movie Scenes That Reveal Fascinating Angles of the Story

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While watching our favorite movie, series, or cartoon for the hundredth time, we might not even think that the original version included scenes we had no idea about. Luckily, film directors often release extended versions of their productions or post the cut scenes online. And these scenes may help you find answers to the questions you’ve had about the movie plot or its characters.

The Devil Wears Prada

Initially, the movie included a scene that could have changed everything. We tend to think of Miranda Priestly as a ruthless, cold businesswoman. But one of the film’s deleted scenes proves otherwise.

The event occurs at a fancy party where Miranda’s husband appears and insults guests. Anne Hathaway’s character, Andy, quickly diverts guests’ attention while Miranda pulls her spouse away. After that, Miranda mouths over the shoulder, “Thank you,” leaving Andy in shock. Who knows what audiences would’ve thought if they’d seen this vulnerable side of the ice queen?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

The sad fate of 2 characters, spouses Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin, shook viewers to the core. But according to the deleted scene, the couple had a chance to say goodbye to each other before dying in battle.

As you might remember, Aberforth Dumbledore (Albus’s brother) also participated in the Hogwarts battle. But there was a scene that was deleted. Right before the battle, Harry, Ron, and Hermione talked to him, and he said that it was impossible to beat Voldemort.

And when Harry says that Dumbledore gave him a task, Aberforth replies, “Piece of advice. My brother’s dead. So, unless you fancy joining him, I would forget about any job he gave you. It was the people my brother cared about that tended to get hurt.” Don’t you think this scene makes the story even more dramatic?

The Lion King

It turns out that the cartoon loved by millions had a scene explaining why Nala escaped Scar’s pride. The villain wanted to make Nala his queen. He even sang a song about their future together to her. But Nala turned his proposal down and met her true love, Simba, sometime later.

Mrs. Doubtfire

In this iconic comedy, Robin Williams plays a man named Daniel who has to dress like an older woman to see his children more often.

But very few people know that right after the mother finds out the truth and takes her children home, Daniel and Miranda have a fight. They’re screaming at each other while their offspring are witnessing the scene. Perhaps this is the first time the adults realize how severely they’re hurting their children. Unfortunately, this scene was not included in the final cut.

Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi

There is a powerful scene where Luke Skywalker discovers his sworn enemy, Darth Vader, is his father. The fans of the franchise used to give Obi-Wan a hard time for not telling Luke about his family. But we can learn from the deleted scene that Obi-Wan lied because Yoda asked him to. He believed this knowledge might prevent Luke from becoming a Jedi and fighting for peace in the galaxy.

Gone with the Wind

The iconic movie went through 3 directors before its completion. As a result, many scenes had to be reshot. At the film’s beginning, for example, when Scarlett walks into the garden with the Tarleton twins, she looks pretty different.

The scene was filmed 5 times, but eventually, the etiquette expert said that no southern girl would show her bosom so early in the day. This is why Vivien wears a different dress in the movie’s final version.

Jurassic Park

Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi movie could have been more romantic. There was a scene at the excavation site where Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler hugged, kissed, and discussed the velociraptor skeletons. But for some reason, it was decided to make the romantic storyline less prominent.

House of the Dragon

The first season of House of the Dragon was released recently, but the series’ director, Greg Yaitanes, revealed that a very powerful scene was removed from the final cut. It is a fight between 2 friends, Rhaenyra and Alicent, where Rhaenyra finds out that her father plans to marry Alicent.

Another scene was not included in the final cut — Rhaenyra, who had to agree to her father’s decision, laces up Alicent’s wedding gown.

The Crown

In the fourth season, Princess Diana gives her husband, Prince Charles, an unusual gift: she sings a song from the musical, The Phantom of the Opera. And even though this scene wasn’t included in the final cut, it’s known that the real Princess Diana did sing for her husband on their seventh wedding anniversary. She performed one of her favorite songs, All I Ask of You, by Sarah Brightman.

Pretty Woman

This movie also has a few deleted scenes. For example, Julia Roberts’ character tried to put a packet of ketchup on her posh steak meal. Also, after the picnic scene in the park, Vivian and Edward ride horses and share a romantic dinner at a street café.


Many movie fans continue to wonder even today why Rose couldn’t share the panel she was floating on with Jack. The answer is quite simple, but to find it out, you must watch the deleted scenes released on the fifteenth movie anniversary.

After Jack tried to climb Rose’s panel unsuccessfully, a man swam to the couple. He also wanted to mount the rescue panel. But Jack didn’t let him do this, saying, “It’s just enough for this lady. You’ll push it under.”

There was another scene in which film director James Cameron might have decided to be not entirely appropriate. In it, Kathy Bates’ character is sitting at a restaurant and asks the waiter to add some ice to her drink. At this moment, an iceberg looms in the window behind her. The scene may have been deemed too ironic for the dramatic feel of the movie.

Do you think it was worth deleting these scenes?


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