10 Design Tips That Will Turn Your Home Into the Apple of Your Neighborhood’s Eye

2 years ago

Imagine you walk into a luxurious hotel room and you are dazzled because everything looks so shiny. Every detail is placed with precision, and then, after sighing, you think to yourself that you wish you could live there. “How do they do it?” you probably ask yourself.

At Bright Side, we dug into the decorating magazines to bring you 10 tricks that could make your home a place you won’t want to leave.

1. Keep things in order.

We know this may be more than obvious, but not everyone is willing to comply with this rule, so to make your home look like a real palace, our first trick is, perhaps, the simplest: get rid of what you do not use, what is too old or worn out.

2. Enlarge your spaces.

The next step is to enlarge the spaces, but don’t worry, you don’t need to knock down any walls. A simple trick to make a room look bigger is to use mirrors. Put a lot of thought into what is a suitable place for it. A good idea is near a window, so it will help you to project more light. Another option is to do it behind large pieces of furniture. Of course, your mirror should be the same width, but taller than your furniture.

3. Use the ceiling too.

Large spaces will always be synonymous with power, so remember that if you want your home to catch people’s eyes, high ceilings can be useful. Paint them matte white, use lamps that illuminate from the bottom up, and when putting curtains, make sure they go from the ceiling to the floor. This will create the illusion that your ceilings are as high as your goals.

4. Add a rug.

Another tip to make your home shine is your carpet. With this, you can divide spaces, create contrast with your furniture and curtains, and even create a thermal effect. But you have to be sure of the style you want since there are synthetic, natural fiber, round, square, smooth, colored, etc. If you use it in the living room, remember that the carpet must overhang the furniture. If it is in the dining room, its perimeter must exceed that of the table by at least 50 cm.

5. Use light to your advantage.

Light is a key point in our home, so don’t be afraid to play with it. Try to have several points of light. If, for example, you have a single central light on the ceiling, it will make your space look smaller. Add a couple of lights on the side that will also give the effect of spaciousness. Similarly, you can use dimmers to help you create moods according to the occasion. Use them to highlight objects, like artwork, or to illuminate mirrors.

6. Bring out your inner artist.

Clean walls convey a sense of order and cleanliness, but we don’t want to come across as boring. Make your own museum. You can pick a wall in your home that you want to fill with life and then choose a collection of paintings or photographs that you want to display. Test it out on the floor before going straight to the final location. Remember to keep the same color palette and don’t mix more than 3 types of frames, so as not to saturate the place.

7. Let books speak for you.

Books are one of the elements that send a strong message about the owner of a house. Well, we have good news for you: you can use them to enhance your decor (be sure to read them too). On top of the coffee table, you can stack 3 beautiful hardcover books. Complement with a vase of flowers in the same shade as the covers of your books. If you have the books on shelves, be sure to leave empty spaces. You can give an original touch if you put some of them upside down and mix up the decor with other objects.

8. Customize your bed.

When we talk about luxury hotels, something that really surprises us is the bed, which is shiny from end to end. For this, we advise you to use white or light-colored pillows and sheets. If you have a double bed, use 2 pillows and decorate with a couple of accent pillows. You can also add a decorative blanket, which you can fold and place at the foot of the bed.

9. Towels are not just meant to dry you off.

Towels are items that we may often undervalue. Throw away the old and stained ones that can take away from the style and luxury of your home, and replace them with white, fluffy towels. If you find them too boring, you can add elegance, color, and personality with a bit of lace. When it’s time to store them, you can leave them in plain sight or fold them in a creative way, but always keep them in order.

10. Look under the windows.

There are spaces that can really have unimaginable potential. And that is precisely the case with windows, especially when you have a space between the floor and the window. You can, for example, create a reading space or put a bench to sit on and also serve as storage. Or simply put a piece of furniture to hold some books and plants.

What other ideas can you think of to make your home more welcoming? How do you think the appearance of a home influences people’s moods?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE, right now. Meanwhile, we’ll be waiting!


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