10+ Drawings That Look So Realistic It’s Hard to Believe They Are Not Photos

4 years ago

What you’re about to see are works of art that are so detailed, they may trick your eyes into thinking they’re photographs. Since the beginning of time, humans have tried to artistically represent their surroundings, possessions, and loved ones as well as they could, and the artists in this compilation have mastered what hundreds before them have longed to do.

Bright Side wants you to have a peek at some of these hyperrealistic works of art.

1. “My most challenging project, done in charcoal, graphite, and 145 hours...” by Dylan Eakin

2. Head of a Child by Gottfried Helnwein

3. A Lovely Laughter by Paul Cadden

4. Alisa by Monica Lee

5. Naomi Campbell by Kelvin Okafor

6. Grace Kelly by DiegoKoi

7. The Void Remains by Dirk Dzimirsky

8. That Morning by Jason de Graaf

9. Portrait by Dirk Dzimirsky

10. Oil on canvas by Pedro Campos

11. Reflection by DiegoKoi

12. Times Square Shuffle by Denis Peterson

13. De dos XXXXX by Jacques Bodin

14. The Murmur of the Innocents 17 by Gottfried Helnwein

15. Evergreen by Jason de Graaf

What do you think makes an artist more capable of work like this: Dedication or talent? Would you hang one of these pieces of art in your home? Tell us below!


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I've been drawing since I was 2 and am now 58 and I've been a commercial artist. Having said that, these drawings are phenomenal to say the least. As to the question I'd have to say that talent is the most important trait in doing this kind of excellent work. Talent is, however, nurtured by practice and thorough devotion to the finished piece. Once again, unbelievable how truly great these examples are.


I love these, they look giga realistic.. especially number 10, crazy!


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