8 Things We Do Wrong Every Day

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10 months ago

There are many things in life which take up way too much of our time than they really should, and at the same time get on our nerves. Fortunately, in some cases there are ways to avoid all the hassle.

In this post, we present you with 8 ways to make some of the things we do every day a little bit easier.

Drinking cola through a straw

Put a straw through the hole in the pull-tab of the can, and your cola will no longer leak out over the top.

Making the perfect fried egg

You can make a perfectly round fried egg without buying any special appliances or gadgets — all you need to do is to cut a ring from an onion and place it inside.

Joining wires together

To make sure electrical wires don’t get pulled apart when stretched, tie a small knot at the point where you connect them together.

Peeling garlic

Put the bulb of garlic in a jar and screw on the lid. Imagine you’re a bartender, and give it a good shake!

Refrigerating a drink quickly

To refrigerate a drink quickly, wrap it up in a damp paper towel and put it in the refrigerator. It’ll be nice and cool in just 15 minutes!

Making an ice cream sandwich

Cut through the tub with the ice cream still inside, place the chunk on a cookie, and cover with another cookie. Voila!

Opening plastic packaging

Hard plastic packaging can be difficult to open even with scissors. Instead, use a can opener, and it’ll be a whole lot easier.

Bidet vs. toilet paper

Using a bidet is more hygienic than paper. It’s also helpful for people who have had surgery below the waist and women who have just given birth.


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What about A Giant Baked Cookie baked on the Stove just right, remove the Giant Baked Cookie from the stove and then add one Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and put it on top of the Giant Cookie?

Here’s one thing that women did wrong with cooking.
My Mother Linda overcooks half of my Chicken Enchilada, that it would always turn out completely wrong and charred black due to her not keeping A timer on the Oven! Even she had burnt the edge of my food within the Microwave!


I will try A Few Things and I would like A Bidet, since Toilet Paper isn’t Good for A Healthy Bottom.


But not every restroom has a bidet, not to mention new apartments with smaller bathrooms or public restrooms.


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