10 Embarrassing Things We Shouldn’t Do in Other Countries

4 years ago

The old adage, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” still holds true everywhere. When you are traveling abroad, you do your due diligence and figure out all the “do’s and don’ts” of the country you’re visiting. But, it is more crucial to know the don’ts, since that knowledge will keep you away from any controversies and embarrassments and will keep you on the safer side.

Bright Side has your back and has listed the things you shouldn’t do on your journey abroad. And we wish you happy and safe travels.

1. Tipping in Japan

It may not be mandatory to not tip in Japan, but in some cases, it is considered rude. You may also find it mentioned at the end of the bill that the staff is paid in full, so no gratuities are needed.

2. Splitting the bills in France

It is considered unsophisticated when it comes to splitting the bill in France. This is because they don’t like to talk about money at all. However, if you have a larger group, you can surely decide to split the bill among everyone.

3. Waving at anyone in Greece

For the Greeks, exposing the palm is more an insult, than a greeting. It’s more like saying, “I reject you.”

4. Touching a person of the opposite gender in India

5. Taking pictures without consent in the UAE

This is considered a crime, according to the cyber laws of the country. It may land you in prison for up to 6 months and cost you a hefty fine, up to 500,000 AED ($136,130), especially if you post the pictures on social media.

6. Jumping the line in Australia

It is always taboo to jump the line if you are in Australia and England. This holds true when using public transport, at shopping centers, in pubs, or anywhere else. Always wait for your turn and keep things simple.

7. Walking in the bike lanes in the Netherlands

Cycling is the primary mode of transportation in the Netherlands and it’s usually always overcrowded. So, when you walk in the bike lane, there are inevitable risks of you being knocked over by a cyclist. It’s better to be mindful of this and always walk on the sidewalk to keep the risks at bay.

8. Giving the OK hand gesture in Turkey

This is equivalent to showing the middle finger. The same goes for Germany and Brazil too.

9. Nodding and shaking your head in Bulgaria and Albania

Usually, nodding your head (up and down) means yes and shaking your head (from side to side) means no. It’s important to know that this is quite the opposite in Bulgaria and Albania.

10. Feeding the birds in Singapore

Feeding the birds, littering anywhere, and chewing gum in public will land you with some high fines in Singapore.

Does your country of residence have rules things that tourists should never break? Feel free to enlighten the world in the comment box below.


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No offense, but for the 4th one, not everyone one and everywhere in the country touching an opposite gender is a taboo...only of you are a complete stranger, like seeing you for the first time and in the conservative part of the country it is considered unsophisticated


as a person living in india i have seen a lot of couples skip college lectures and go to sea sude areas nd i have seen most of them making out in public and no one even flinched?


Addressing an elderly person by first name in Zambia, or without their title, viz, Mr, Mrs or Ms. It's considered disrespectful


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