10 Examples of When Moviemakers Left Us a Bunch of Hints but We Failed to Notice Them

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Finding hidden details in movies is a true pleasure for movie fans. That’s why, oftentimes, movie creators start a game with the audience — they hide Easter eggs or hints about the further development of the plot. But only very attentive viewers will notice and figure them out in time.

For example, in Squid Game, it was easy to predict the main plotline. The beginning of Cruella hides a hint regarding what will happen to the protagonist in the plot. We at Bright Side studied the most interesting hints that have been hidden in our favorite movies and series.

Names in the Squid Game series

As one TikTok user supposes, the translation of the main character’s name, Seong Gi-hun, includes such words as “meritorious deed” and “deserved title.” When seeing him for the first time, we learn that he is an infantile, weak-willed gambler who has large debts. But by the end of the series, Seong Gi-hun starts to correspond to his name more and more, transforming from a silly driver into a real hero.

The old man with the 001 number Oh Il-nam turns out to be its creator. Scriptwriters gave a hint about who he was at the beginning. All because the name of the character is literally translated as “number one man” which corresponds to both his serial number in the game and his status.

The background in Don’t Look Up

At the moment when the characters decide to seek help from the media, they pass by a promoter wearing a dino costume. It’s in this scene where Kate says to her boyfriend that a comet, which is bigger in size than the asteroid that destroyed dinosaurs, is heading toward Earth. This is how the director gave a visual hint at the catastrophe that will happen in the final. Moreover, the creator of the movie wanted to remind the audience about the real issue — climate change on our planet.

Labels on clothes in Spencer

Each one of Princess Diana’s outfits arrives at Sandringham Estate with a label that has a sign for where she is supposed to wear it — to church, to Christmas dinner, etc. Thus, viewers learn that the tiniest details of Diana’s looks were chosen, approved, and controlled by others in advance. However, in the movie Diana is shown breaking the rules and wearing a bright red coat that wasn’t meant for Christmas Eve church services.

The name and the ring in Last Night in Soho

This movie is a bright example of how scriptwriters revealed the final at the very beginning of the movie. When Ms. Collins, the house owner, talks to her future tenant for the first time, she introduces herself as Alexandra. This is an important hint because later we learn that Sandy’s (the girl whose destiny the main character is trying to find out) real name is also Alexandra.

Another more obvious hint is Sandy’s noticeable ring. It can be seen on the house owner’s finger as well.

The name in The Lion King

The name of the main antagonist in The Lion King is Scar. But it’s actually the nickname that he got for his appearance. The Scar’s real name given to him at birth is Taka meaning “waste” in Swahili. It predicts the destiny of this evil character.

Blues glasses and the cat in The Matrix Resurrections

Psychotherapist Neo who turns out to be the architect of the Matrix wears blue-framed glasses. They act as his personal blue pill to some extent — the architect sees the artificial world created by him. Also, the character’s blue cat named Deja-vu hints at the fact that this character hides danger — its reappearance in the first part of the franchise was a sign of a malfunction in the Matrix.

Bulls in Dune

At the beginning of the flick, a figurine of a matador and a bull’s head appear in the frame. These are family heirlooms. As it is explained to the viewers, Duke Leto’s father was a matador and he had an accident during corrida. That’s why a bull serves as a sign of bad luck in the flick. It’s at the bull’s head under the ceiling of his dining room where Duke Leto looks at before his last dialogue with the main enemy — Baron Harkonnen.

Indicating destiny in Cruella

At the beginning of the movie, Estella watches Lifeboat by Alfred Hitchcock. In the frame, the actress starts laughing hysterically, after having lost everything she valued in life. Later, Estella reacts the same way to all the things happening around her. By the way, it’s the actress who played the role in Lifeboat that inspired cartoon makers to create the image of Cruella in the Disney flick.

Another detail that the director used to hint at the character’s future is the beige Estella wear. It has the name Norma on it. It is a spin-off to the character of Hitchcock’s thriller Psycho. That was the name of Norman Bates’ powerful mother whose influence caused a split personality in him. Perhaps this is how the movie creator hints which destiny Estella will have when Cruella’s personality suppresses her brightness.

Showing the main villain in Mare of Easttown

The reveal of the killer in the final series surprised many viewers. However, looking back, we can find a hint that shows what he is. When Mare was driving through Easttown, her eyes lingered on a yellow sign saying “Watch Children.”

The wedding dress in House of Gucci

Patrizia Reggiani’s wedding dress was a bit more modest in real life than the one Lady Gaga donned in the flick. To some extent, this outfit with its large neckline and lace was able to immediately demonstrate to viewers, who may be unfamiliar with the story, how far Patrizia is from fitting into the house of Gucci in terms of taste as well as being part of this family.

Do you instantly notice the hints that movie creators hide?


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