10 Expert Tips to Make Your Home Look Classy While on a Budget

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When we stay in a classy hotel or when we see lavish homes with impeccable interior design on TV, we often think that kind of premium feel is out of our reach. And it’s sometimes hard to resist buying pricey pieces of furniture, decorative items, and various trinkets in an effort to make our own home more appealing. But in reality, we can often do just fine with a minimal investment. All it takes is a couple of smart tricks that are as effective as they are budget-friendly.

Bright Side collected 10 precious tips from interior design experts to make your home makeover affordable and stress-free.

1. Go big with wall art.

When we think art, we immediately think “expensive.” But you actually don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on large paintings. Not all good-looking art has to come with a hefty price tag. It’s all about layout and frame. For example, an oversized frame on a small painting can make it stand out and give it a glamorous, gallery look. Check out the work of lesser-known, local artists as their pieces tend to be cheaper, and visit websites that sell handmade art. Or simply go for a nice canvas print or an artsy poster you can purchase online.

An affordable, high-quality canvas print brings an artistic touch to your home, making it more appealing and unique. Check out this high-definition, 100×75 canvas panel with a hook already mounted on the wooden bar for easy hanging. It’s lightweight and comes in different sizes.

Promising review:

’’Arrived in perfect condition, fit the space perfectly and looks great, very happy with purchase, would shop again with this company. Great value for the size of this canvas picture.’’

L.O.R / Amazon

Buy the canvas print now on Amazon.

2. Update your hardware.

It’s amazing how such a small detail can make such a huge difference. Depending on what kind of feel you want to achieve, you can go for super-modern or retro drawer pulls and door knobs. For a complete makeover, add a coat of fresh paint to worn-out doors. Even just replacing old light switches can make a huge difference to the overall feel of your home.

Assorted vintage ceramic door and drawer knobs are budget-friendly details that can give an instant facelift to your furniture. This particular set contains 10 adorable door knobs in different color variations and with a silver chrome back plate.

Promising review:

’’This is a brilliant product, really sturdy, looks brilliant and completely changes the look of the furniture pieces. A great buy!’’

Ross / Amazon

Buy these ceramic door knobs on Amazon now.

3. Add a touch of luxury by using mirrors.

If you don’t feel confident choosing art, you can go the easy route and try hanging mirrors instead. The right mirror will add depth to your space, making it look more spacious and upscale. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with overloading your walls with small mirrors. In general, design experts recommend large mirrors, but of course, it’s important to keep in mind the overall layout of your space. Placing a large mirror near the window will add more light to your space, which is always a good thing.

This full-length shabby chic wall mirror is the perfect statement piece for those who are into a classic style. Hang it vertically or horizontally in your dining room, lounge, bedroom, or even kitchen, and make your place elegant and classy.

Promising review:

’’Really pleased with this purchase, receives lots of comments from visitors. It had taken me some time to find a mirror in this specific size and was thoroughly pleased given the very reasonable price compared to other mirrors I’ve been looking at.’’

Amazon Customer / Amazon

Buy the classic wall mirror now on Amazon.

4. Upgrade your bedroom.

This is a little trick 5-star hotels often use for a good reason. Adding a sitting area at the foot of your bed, in the form of a small ottoman or a stylish bench, can take your bedroom to the next level. To make it even more luxurious, use 2 duvets on your bed. This will add that extra feeling of softness and coziness that we all need in our bedroom.

This pink velvet end-of-bed bench not only looks chic but is super-practical. The top of the seat can be lifted to reveal easily accessible storage space, perfect for hiding away extra blankets, slippers, or unsightly phone and laptop cables.

Promising review:

’’This ottoman is absolutely gorgeous and the storage capacity is spacious offering superb depth and width. You do need to attach the legs [comes with instructions and tools] — but very easy to do and honestly took less than 5 minutes. It also provides cushy seating when I need to sit and tie up shoe laces. The product is well-built and strong. I love, love, love this product. Absolutely worth the money.’’

kaz / Amazon

Buy the velvet bench now on Amazon.

5. Ditch matching furniture.

Nothing can make a home quite as dated as a matching furniture overload. Not only does it look old-fashioned, but it can make you feel as if you’re in a furniture store. Pairing different colors, patterns, textures, and styles will add character and depth to your home, making it more unique and exclusive.

So don’t be afraid to say goodbye to that old sofa or matchy-matchy armchair and replace them with something more unexpected. You don’t have to buy a whole new set to achieve this. Simply reupholster the existing pieces or browse thrift stores for some affordable retro gems. Starting small is a great way to go. For example, first, you can try adding a new coffee table that is different from the rest of your decor. Plus, rolling out a vintage-style rug will make everything even more stylish.

This minimal square coffee table in chic black and dark brown shades will spice up your living room with very little investment. The warm wooden surface, black steel frame, and trendy mesh shelf give off industrial vibes but can be easily incorporated with almost any furniture style.

Promising review:

’’It’s beautiful, it’s easy to build and such good value! Will definitely be purchasing more of the furniture available.’’

Laura Shaw / Amazon

Buy the modern square coffee table now on Amazon.

6. Use plants as decor, but pay attention to scale.

You’d think you could never go wrong with plants, but actually, according to interior design specialists, getting the plant size wrong won’t give you the desired effect of making a space seem more high-end. If you pick a plant that is too small, your room can appear empty and the plant will fade into the background. So, if possible, chose a bigger plant and use it as a refreshing accent piece. You can also invest in beautiful planters that can work great as statement pieces in any room.

Since fully-grown plants can be pricey, you can try growing your own from scratch. In the meantime, you can always decorate with flowers in gorgeous vases — just make sure to not overdo it. Instead of using a large floral centerpiece, scatter smaller flower arrangements around and let them blend in with the space.

Make a perfect greenery composition by mixing smaller and larger planters or arranging different plants. These wooden plant pots with a built-in water tray are a fabulous interior decor detail that’s both unique end practical. The built-in tray makes them super-easy to use.

Promising review:

’’Great looking quality item that really stands out and fits the brief for showing off your house plants.’’

James Smith / Amazon

Buy the wooden planters on Amazon now.

7. Use colors to glam up your home.

Even those who are fans of more neutral tones agree that we should never underestimate the power of color. Whether you paint large surfaces or just an accent wall, the shade you choose can make a huge difference. When used correctly, certain colors also have the ability to make a space feel more expensive.

For example, white and grey tones can add a sense of spaciousness, while black and navy accents make the furniture and art stand out more, adding an expensive edge to your home.
Throw in some gold accents, like lamps, picture frames, side tables, or even just faucets and light switches, and you have yourself a 5-star hotel.

With a combination of mirror glass on its lower shelf, clear glass on the upper, and a steel tube frame painted in gold, this gorgeous little side table is perfect for adding a bit of spark to your space.

Promising review:

’’Beautiful side table! Ordered it for my bedroom and it came the next day. Also, the quality is perfect and I can’t complain about the price.’’

Rose / Amazon

Buy the golden side table on Amazon now.

8. Play around with the lighting.

Lighting is crucial for creating that special, welcoming atmosphere in your home. When placed correctly, it can also add warmth and depth to the space and make everything feel more lux. A large pendant chandelier usually looks great above a kitchen counter and dining table, but it’s important to choose the right style that will go well with the rest of the decor. Also, getting the proportions right is key. Regardless of the table’s shape, the golden rule is to go for a pendant light that is no larger than a third of the table’s length.

Interior design experts also recommend using multiple light sources and ’’layering’’ different types of lights. For example, small lamps placed in corners and areas you want to accentuate, pendant lights, and large floor lamps. If there is only a single, central light in the room coming from the ceiling, it can make your space look cold and won’t help the decor stand out. Using warm lights and lamps with dimmers as well as motion sensors is also a great way to achieve a glamorous look.

A smart dimmable floor lamp with a color-changing feature and remote control is just what any modern home needs. Whether you’re enjoying a movie night, a quiet dinner for 2, or just lounging on the sofa and relaxing, this cool additional lamp will add a special touch to your home. It works with both Google Home and Alexa.

Promising review:

’’My wife wanted this and I have to admit I wasn’t too sure about it. Arrived safely and was very easy to put together and set up. The main lamp part is smooth to the touch but has the visual appearance of crystals, which makes the light quite sparkly when turned on. It comes with a remote control, which you can use to control the brightness and the colors but you can also set it up with an app, which gives you greater control over the colors, and then connect this app to Alexa so you can use voice control to switch on/off, change colors, change brightness, etc. At 100% brightness, it is a very bright light but you can turn it all the way down to 1% for some subtle backlighting. Really pleased we bought this.’’

Jason Wise / Amazon

Buy the LED floor lamp on Amazon now.

9. Update your pillows.

Flat, worn-out, wrinkled pillows and throw pillows can cheapen your space. Purchasing a couple of firm, good-quality pillows in colors that will complement the rest of the decor will instantly make your space seem more lux. You can also use them as accent pieces in any room.

They will add a pop of color and interest to even the most boring-looking place. Try layering different shapes and sizes as well as textures and patterns. Pick luxurious-looking fabrics like velvet or faux fur. You wouldn’t believe how such a tiny detail can have such a big impact on the overall appearance of your home.

Modern rectangular cushion covers with a gold pattern will stand out on a darker-colored sofa, armchair, or in a master bedroom. Its soft velvet material and gold details will make any space feel more upscale. They come in different sizes and colors so you can easily customize your new set of throw pillows.

Promising review:

’’Great value for the money, amazing quality, and so soft. I ordered more, I like them that much. The colors are fabulous as well. Definitely worth the purchase.’’

Nicola Hill / Amazon

Buy these throw pillow covers on Amazon now.

10. Add unique pieces.

Luckily, the trend of matching furniture is long gone. Instead of buying a new dresser that matches your coffee table or chairs and making the entire place look dull and old-fashioned, go for a unique piece. It will add character to any room and make it look more glam. And we’re not talking about that pricey antique stuff.

You can simply remodel something that you already have, or try your luck at yard sales and flea markets. They’ll usually cost next to nothing and all you need is a can or 2 of nice paint and new handles and drawer knobs to give it a major facelift.

If you consider revamping your grandma’s vintage hutch, vanity, or nightstand, investing in high-quality furniture paint is a must. If you want to make that vintage piece stand out in a good way, pick a good-coverage paint in just the right shade.

Promising review:

’’Really easy to use, goes on very well. I did 2 coats with a brush and the top coat with a small roller. Covered bare wood and painted wood excellently but I had sanded them down first. Brushes washed with water are so easy to clean. Would not hesitate to use a different color in this brand, as the furniture I upcycled looks fantastic.’’

Charlotte C. / Amazon

Buy this chic furniture paint on Amazon now.

How often do you rearrange furniture and do a mini-home makeover? If you have any other tips to add to this list, we’d love to hear them.

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