10 Extraordinary Ways to Use Everyday Products That Few of Us Really Know About

7 months ago

The pantry and cabinets in your house hold more secrets than you know. There are many different clever ways to use everyday products beyond their original purpose, like fixing a squeaky door with deodorant. Being able to delve into all the ways you can use the stuff you keep around your home is very useful for eventual emergencies or to save you a trip to the nearest grocery store.

1. Use vaseline to avoid chafing during the warmer months.

Summer means getting to wear sleeveless dresses and short skirts. It can also mean uncomfortable irritation in your inner thighs and armpits. Vaseline is generally used as a moisturizer, but it’s also a powerful ally against chafing. By putting a little bit of the product in problematic areas, you avoid friction by staying lubricated. It also works great for runners and athletes!

2. Toothpaste is great for heavy duty work.

If there are holes in the wall, toothpaste works as a great alternative to spackling. It also happens to be much cheaper. Make sure you buy some toothpaste in a similar color to your wall and check to see if it needs a second coating after it dries.

3. Mayonnaise works as a soothing agent for sunburns.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a nice day at the beach — until you notice you basked in the sun’s rays for a little too long and ended up with nasty sunburns. There are many products available made exclusively for this problem. However, if you don’t have any at hand and need quick relief, mayonnaise is your go-to fix. Mayo will soothe the pain and moisturize the skin at the same time.

4. Shampoo is great for softening cuticles when getting a home mani.

If you don’t have time or simply don’t want to head to a salon to get your nails done, you can always try a home manicure. To make your life easier, mix some shampoo with warm water and soak your hands in it. You’ll end up with clean, soft cuticles that will save you time and money!

5. If your house smells like smoke, vinegar can help.

Smoke odor can be really difficult to get rid of. Whether you burned something in the kitchen or a family guest decided to smoke inside the house, that distinct smell can really linger. Fortunately, vinegar is the ultimate solution for this.

Place some bowls filled with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar around the house and that awful smell should be gone in less than a day. You can also wet a cloth with vinegar and wave it around the house to speed things up. Either way, you’ll have a smoke-free environment in no time.

6. Hair conditioner also works great as shaving cream.

Conditioner works as a nice alternative to shaving cream. A lot of women swear it gives you a closer shave and it also helps to moisturize the skin. Additionally, it’s a better option than soap since it’s less harsh and tends to leave your skin less irritated. So if you feel like taking a break from traditional shaving creams and gels, using conditioner instead might be just the thing for you.

7. Toothpaste is great at brightening up your jewelry.

There are many ways to clean your dingy, darkened jewelry, but one of the most effective cleaning agents is toothpaste.

Just dab a little toothpaste (white, not gel) to an old brush and scrub your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. After that, run your jewelry through warm water and you’re done. The only thing you have to remember is to avoid doing the trick with pieces that contain pearls. But other than that, it really works. Your dull jewelry will be looking sparkly and pretty again!

8. Sugar can be used to relieve mouth burns from hot or spicy food.

Did you devour a pizza before it was cool enough to eat? Don’t be embarrassed, we’ve all been there. Next time this happens, try this solution to soothe that annoying sting. If you eat food that’s way too hot and end up with a mouth burn, suck on a bit of sugar or a sugar cube to relieve the stinging sensation.

9. Egg yolks can make your hair softer and shinier.

Egg yolks are an ancient hair treatment that leaves your locks looking beautiful, shiny and conditioned. This works great when you have leftover yolks from a meringue recipe, for example.

Apply the yolks on dry, untangled hair, leave it there for half an hour, then proceed to wash your hair as you normally would. You can also make a hair mask and mix the yolks with pure vegetable oil, mayonnaise, or your hydrating cream of choice.

10. Deodorant can also stop those annoying sounds from squeaky doors.

If the doors in your house are making irritating, creaking sounds, a bit of deodorant can be of great aid. Just rub it onto the hinges to make the squeaky sounds go away. Who knew deodorant could be so versatile?

Please note: This article was updated in April 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


Milk can also help if your mouth burn from eating too much spicy food
You can use sour cream instead of mayonnaise, it works just as good to treat your sunburns :)

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