Vera Wang, 73, Gets Totally Honest About the World’s Obsession With Her Timeless Beauty

7 months ago

A photo of Vera Wang baring her toned abs went viral and left people speechless. Now, the 73-year-old designer has shared her honest opinion on this overwhelming frenzy, and her reaction might be very surprising. Moreover, Wang’s interesting view on aging might totally transform how we perceive women in their seventies today.

The photo that started it all...

In May 2020, the famous designer who was 70 at the time posted an Instagram photo showing her wearing a cropped sports bra and white shorts along with a sparkly hair accessory from her own fashion line. The photo collected more than 34,000 likes and a slew of comments, mostly of people gushing over her youthful looks and asking her the secret behind her incredible physique.

Wang herself doesn’t really understand what all this hype is about, declaring, “I don’t get it.”

Speaking on the context in which the now famous photo was taken, Wang shared that everything happened in a natural, sporadic way. She noted, “If we planned something like this, it would’ve never happened.”

The 73-year-old explained that she simply was about to go on the treadmill when a friend asked to take her photo.

We can look fabulous at any age.

Further, discussing the astonishment surrounding her age-defying looks, Wang noted, “I guess it’s just that people have an idea of what 70 looks like today. I have so many friends that are 65 to 70 that look fabulous.”

The wedding dress designer added, “I hope it makes women feel more comfortable with themselves or confident, or there are many definitions of what a woman can be.”

Her secret to looking so great

Wang continues to fascinate the world with the gorgeous pics she regularly posts on her Instagram. And most of the commenters can’t help but ask, “Tell us where the fountain of youth is, please.”

However, the designer’s secrets aren’t that impossible to achieve nor are they complicated to follow.
In fact, the renowned designer believes “working keeps you young.” She explained, “It keeps your mind young, and your spirit up and your relevance up, which I think affects your body.”

She also credits “sleep” and “staying out of the sun without sunblock” to helping preserve our youthful appearance.

Finally, Wang stresses the importance of “good lighting,” which she believes “is everything” when taking a good photo.


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