Vera Wang, 73, Is Dubbed “Immortal” as She Steals the Spotlight at the 2023 BAFTAs

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In the fashion world, Vera Wang’s name is associated with some of the most showstopping outfits and exquisite wedding gowns. Now, however, the 73-year-old designer is even further engraving her persona in the history of red carpets with her incredibly youthful look. Wang’s most recent outing at the BAFTAs got people talking and for all the right reasons.

This Sunday, the 76th British Academy Film and Television Arts Awards welcomed a myriad of our most beloved celebrities. And while cinematic achievements were the key focus of the event, our attention was glued to the red carpet. While every single attendee looked spectacular, it was Vera Wang who, in our opinion, took home the award for the biggest highlight of that night’s red carpet.

Wang, who will be turning 74 this summer, showed up in a flowing off-the-shoulder white gown that showed off her stunning physique. And while the minimalistic outfit looked flawless on the famous designer, we, as well as many other social media users, were amazed by Vera’s youthful appearance.

People online pointed out that Wang’s eternal youth was as evident as ever that evening:

  • “Vera Wang seems immortal with her sultry youthful look at the BAFTAs! If I could look half of what she looks like, it’d be something!” — KMSundaychild / Twitter

As far as Wang’s beauty secrets go, she’s keeping it simple. One of her favorite tricks is to take baths as often as possible and add baby oil to them, in order to soothe her skin. In addition, she makes sure to never forget to moisturize and, of course, use SPF. Other than that, Vera keeps active with things she loves, like golf or bike riding.

Wang once reacted to comments complimenting her age-defying looks: “I mean, it’s nice that people thought that about me. It’s very complimentary, and I’m very grateful for that.” But she ultimately said that other than getting enough sleep and being inspired by her work, there’s no ultimate formula for looking young.

Preview photo credit Doug Peters / Alamy Stock Photo


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Please stand up and walk back into your house in those ridiculous shoes. I’m 74 and I know about 74 year old bones. You are no role model.


Don't care what anyone thinks, never read so many haters comments. She an inspiration to the designer world. 73 and still rocking it. Oh yeah shes on a red carpet what's she suppose to wear a turtle neck.


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