10 Funny Moments When People Bumped Into Surprising Situations

7 months ago

Imagine being a high school history teacher criticized for not teaching kids about taxes, or a regular Uber driver faced with an absurd request. No need to guess, because we’ve got you covered. Check out these situations from ordinary people who couldn’t help but share their stories with the world.


  • “Went to drive-thru at a Wendy’s and the person taking the order said welcome to Walmart. I was really confused, and I heard laughing, and he said I’m so sorry he works there too and was on autopilot.” SpecificLook7215 / Reddit


  • “I worked in a cell phone store that had a veterans support office behind us. One day an older gentleman was waiting in the queue. When it was his turn, I called him up and asked what I could help him with.
    He stepped up to the counter and told me that the veterans hospital was claiming his vision impairment was only 20% disability, and he felt it was much higher. I agreed, and I offered to walk him to the correct building, and told him I would be a witness for him.” fridaycat / Reddit


  • “Work in radio. Got a call on the contest line one time.
    “Yeah, I need a hotel room,” said the caller.
    “OK. How would you like me to help you?”
    “Well...book me one!”
    “You’re aware you called a radio station’s contest line, right?”
    “Yeah. Don’t you book hotel rooms for rock stars when they do a show in town? Book me one!” originalchaosinabox / Reddit


  • “I’m a high school teacher in Australia. I had a parent complain to me that I wasn’t teaching their daughter how to do her taxes. I’m a history teacher.LordMoody / Reddit


  • “I’m an Uber driver. One day, I picked up a lady, she was distressed, I asked if I could do anything for her, and she said ‘not unless you can take back the last forty years of my life.’ It was a very silent awkward ride.” TenPoundsOfBacon / Reddit


  • “I worked at Walmart for a long time in the hardware dept. Had a customer call asking if we sold toilets. I said, ‘Like, toilet seats?’ He said, ‘No, like actual toilets.’ So I said, ‘Sorry, we just sell the seats and replacement parts, no porcelain.’
    He got all huffy and said, ‘Oh, what is this place? Walmart??’ I paused for a moment and said, ‘Yes sir, it is.’
    Silence for a long moment. Then he said in a little voice, ‘This isn’t Home Depot?’
    ‘No sir, you called Walmart.’
    ‘Oh, I am so sorry!’ And he hung up.” StarBabyEleven / Reddit


  • “I know that this is a classic problem, but my 3 y.o. had a tantrum at the checkout line in the grocery store when I said that she couldn’t have any of the chocolate bars or candies that are there as parent traps. Anyway she threw a fit and sat on the floor crying.
    The person working the register caught her attention and in the nicest way said ‘Hey, you know when I was your age I also really wanted a candy, and my mom said no and I cried so hard. Then my mom just left me there, and well, I’m still here today.’ I swear she shut right up and came with me like an obedient dog all the way home. It was amazing.” MDJeffA / Reddit


  • "I was working at McDonald’s and this lady said “Can I get the Wendy’s 4 for 4?!” I said, “Ma’am, this is a McDonald’s,” and without a moment of hesitation she replied, “Indeed it is. Can I get a Big Mac?” lukemercer / Reddit


  • “I worked at Wendy’s throughout high school and some lady ordered a burger meal at the drive thru. Over an hour later she comes back to the front counter, slamming the burger on it saying it was cold. I checked our receipts and told her she ordered over an hour ago and that burgers aren’t meant to stay hot for that long. She said that was absolutely unacceptable and how dare we serve her a burger that gets cold.” hayleexh / Reddit


  • "I once walked up to the Dunkin’ Donuts (getting something for the staff at work) counter and confidently asked for a 50 piece McNugget. The young lady at the register gave me a confused look. Me, counter-confused, and thinking she didn’t hear me, asked again for a 50 piece McNugget. The poor young lady at the register didn’t know what to do — just looked at me confusingly. Me, finally realizing...
    “I asked for a McNugget didn’t I?”
    She nodded. I put my head down, shake, and said: “50 piece munchkin, please? We bought laughed over it.” draggar / Reddit

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