10 Important Things to Remember to Help You Choose the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Most people on this planet own jeans. But in the amazing variety of colors and types, it’s hard to choose the perfect model to fit you well and last a long time.

We at Bright Side have found out what to watch out for when buying a new pair of jeans.


How to choose the right size? Usually, manufacturers provide numbers in inches. Jeans usually have 2 numbers: W — waist circumference and L — leg length. If you need to convert them to centimeters, multiply the numbers by 2.54.

Rough texture

Classic cotton jeans should have a thick, rough, and heavy fabric. Jeans shouldn’t be thin and smooth, even if they are for summer and warm weather.

Distance from the fly to the bottom

The distance from the bottom to the fly shouldn’t be more than 2.7-3.5 inches. Otherwise, the jeans will look too stretched.

The right fit

If you want a longer silhouette, choose high-rise jeans. But don’t try to wear jeans high that are not meant to be worn like that. Even if you use a belt on mid-rise jeans, they won’t look like high-rise ones, and will only wrinkle in an unpleasant way.

Back pockets

When looking at the seams on the back pockets, pay attention to the corners. In the corner, there should be a bartack to make the jeans more durable. Thanks to these reinforced stitches, the pockets will remain intact even much later.

Elongating the silhouette

This vertical decor will make even simple models more interesting, especially if they are high-rise. And also, the legs will look longer and slimmer. You can experiment with the width of the pantlegs.


The zipper should be made by YKK. This is the leading manufacturer that all respectable jean companies work with. The entire mechanism should be the same color.

Belt loops

The jeans should have at least 5 belt loops to make the belt look good. If there are fewer of them, the belt might distort the body proportions. And they will be quite uncomfortable.

“Dangerous” frill

This frill looks good only when the belly is completely flat. Otherwise, it will make the body look worse and “add” unnecessary bulges where you don’t want them, especially after a good lunch.

Models with a print

Mirrorpix / East News, LP / Coleman Rayner / East News

Pockets, abrasion, embroidery, rhinestones, slits, and other things can be dangerous for the silhouette. In order not to add extra inches to your body, it’s better to wear simple models without any details. A big contrast print can also add unnecessary volume and attract attention to problem areas.

Do you have your own life hacks for choosing the perfect jeans?


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