10 Inventions That Are Made to Ease Women’s Lives

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Things like the menstrual cycle, postpartum periods, and baby feeding aren’t easy to overcome without the right support. So it’s good that new inventions have appeared to make women feel more confident when they’re in vulnerable phases in life.

We at Bright Side support women and share 10 inventions that can help make their lives more peaceful and comfortable.

1. The Anu Clean Cup: the menstrual cup that absorbs

The Anu Clean Cup is a single-use flexible cup that is worn internally to collect and absorb menstrual flow. It’s hypo-allergenic, non-latex, eco-friendly, and safe. It’s good for all women with all types of lifestyles and even for athletes. The Anu doesn’t cause dryness or irritation and isn’t linked to toxic shock syndrome.

2. ILO: accurately tracks the cycle and fertility

ILO is a simple device that measures the CO2 levels released in your breath to detect real-time cycle and fertility data. It’s a good helper for women who want to get pregnant. Just 60 seconds of breathing and you know your fertility window.

3. The period-proof tights

These tights are a good weapon against leaks. They have a 3-layer pad that wicks and absorbs. You can wear them with tampons, pads, or cups. The period-proof training tights are made in part with recycled materials to save our planet.

4. Period-proof underwear

FLUX is patent-pending underwear that has a unique built-in protective panel. They are perfect for different periods and other issues, like bladder leaks, postpartum, and mobility issues. You can wear them every day. They’re anti-microbial, anti-odor, and stain-resistant.

5. The healthy hair brush

Manta hairbrush was created to glide responsively through your hair. It’s made of soft-touch material as not to catch or tear the hair shaft. Each bristle is capable of 360 degrees of motion so the brush gently frees knots and minimizes breakage.

6. The first robot manicure

On average, women spend 3,120 minutes a year on their nails. The robot manicure helps you get one in less than 10 minutes. Just a huge gift of time!

7. Worick: the ergonomic seat

Yes, everyone could use to make their seat more ergonomic and comfortable, but this pillow is just perfect for yoga or during pregnancy. Also, Worick is very hygienic and antibacterial, made with skin irritation-free oil.

8. Sequel: re-engineered tampons

Former athletes couldn’t find tampons that they could rely on, so they created their own. Thanks to their spiral design, Sequel tampons are better at absorbing. They are very soft, engineered to prevent leaks, and give maximum comfort.

9. An all-in-one double vacuum flask for mixing baby food

Milk and Water is the first double vacuum flask. It has a separate powder chamber, giving warm, fresh feed on the go. No need to ask restaurants or bars for warm water. Nor is it necessary to mix bottles to feed your baby. This bottle has it all in one.

10. Safelet: a bracelet for women’s safety

Safelet, an SOS-band, helps you to notify your friends or family if you need help. With just one click, your guardians can see where you are and coordinate a response.

Which invention would you like to have? What would you create for women to ease their lives?

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