10+ Items People Are Obsessed With, and You’ll Definitely Want One for Yourself

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If you are one of those people who only start thinking about Christmas gifts when the holiday season is very close, don’t panic — you still have time to choose the best present for your loved ones and yourself. On today’s list, we want to show you some unusual and unique ideas for Christmas gifts from “ugly” sweaters (that, in fact, look gorgeous!) to flashing beanies, and we hope you find them inspiring.

1. This sequined pillow cover with Nicolas Cage’s face could be an amazing conversation piece! Slide your fingers along the cover surface, and it will show or hide the face of the talented Nicolas Cage. This item could be the perfect gift for a diehard Cage fan or someone who appreciates unique gag gifts.

Promising review: Masterpiece. The man himself. Can’t go wrong with this. There is nothing like handing someone what seems like a plain red pillow and having them rub their hand across it to reveal the man himself staring into your soul. @Alexander Thomas Sears

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2. And this pillow cover will please Harry Styles fans. There are 2 background options to choose from: when you slide your fingers across to hide the picture of Harry Styles, you can choose to see either golden or black sequins.

Promising reviews: Love this item! My 16-year-old displays it on her bed. @Kindle Customer

Got this as a gift for my good friend and she loved it! @Natalie

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3. If you can’t imagine your Christmas party without an “ugly” sweater, take a look at this item. You will find a bunch of sweater options with the quirkiest designs ever (But that’s what we love about “ugly” sweaters, right?). Huge ribbons, colorful tinsel, and even hoods shaped like Christmas trees — you’ll find them all here.

Promising review: As stated by others, I was not expecting this to be good, I figured it would do for the few days and I’d be wearing it over Christmas and that would be that, lost in my wardrobe for eternity... However, the quality and just general feel of this hoodie is fantastic, and I can defiantly see myself wearing this every year! The fit is really good on me, the material used feels good, and the price was great! @Gareth

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4. This 3D T-Rex sweater will be a show-stopper at your Christmas party. The sweater has a standard fit, and it will be appreciated not only by dinosaur fans but by all those who like to have a good laugh at a Christmas party.

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5. This toilet bowl night light is an unusual bathroom accessory that many people have already found to be useful. Its colorful lights will make your night visits to the bathroom less stressful as you won’t need to turn on the actual light that may “blind” you after sleeping. This item can also turn potty training into fun for kids.

Promising review: Really pleased with this toilet light. Easy to install and select a single color light if you wish. Perfect for nighttime visits to the ‘smallest room’ without the need to use the actual light. The motion sensor also has a large scope of ‘sensory perception’ e.g., if you leave the bathroom door open and the toilet is in view, it will light up as you approach the room. Still makes me smile. Like it so much, I’ve ordered another 2 to give to other family members! @June

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6. These socks, with a funny inscription, can make your “someone special” laugh out loud, especially if they are tea lovers. The letters on the soles of these socks make them non-slip, while the cupcake-style package makes it an amazing gift. The socks are made of high-quality materials and are machine-washable.

Promising review: So I bought these for my partner, we have laminate flooring so warmth and grip are key. Luckily they provide that and more. She loves them, no slipping thanks to the gripping letters and they are soft, warm, and comfortable, which bring this all around to a 5. @Jim

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7. If you are looking for a unique gift with a wow effect, this flashing beanie hat can be the perfect choice. It has 7 multicolored LED lights and 3 flashing modes that can turn any place into a disco party if you are wearing it on your head. The “on/off” switch is concealed in the brim and batteries are required.

Promising review: It was a great success, I removed the protective label to the battery when I wrapped the gift on Christmas Eve, and in the opening of the present the hat turned on and was properly disco. The hat has then seen a great deal of wear. I can’t testify to the comfort, but it must be okay as it is being worn. As for value, what more can you ask of a gift that both pleases and entertains? As I recall, extra batteries came in the packet, which was a bonus. As a fun gift for someone who wants their head to flash — I can recommend this hat. @Charles

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8. Apart from a flashing hat, there’s also a music hat that will play your favorite songs on the go! Using Bluetooth technology, it can provide you with 10 to 12 hours of playback time, and its wireless range is 33 feet to 65 feet.

Promising review: Purchased this as a stocking stuffer for my teenage son last Christmas. He never takes it off, absolutely loves it, and has nothing negative to say after wearing it almost constantly for the past month. @Jon Swift

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9. People are going crazy about these fish slippers! They are made from a light-weight yet strong and elastic material, which makes them super comfortable despite their quirky look. This item can be a good choice for your Secret Santa gift exchange.

Promising review: These are awesome. Especially with grey socks! Bizarrely they’re very comfy which I really didn’t expect! I bought a pair for my daughter too and now we’re officially a pair of weirdos. They come up big so watch the sizing. @Corinne Spencer

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10. This USB-rechargeable night light can not only nicely decorate your interior but can also inspire your kids’ imagination. The light can change colors, and it comes in a variety of different shapes: deer, giraffe, cat, polar bear, and others.

Promising review: This is a cute and easy-to-use nightlight that adds enough light for a small space. Handy to have for camping. I even brought it to a party and used the multi-light function. @Michael S.

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11. If a compact night light is not enough and you need a more powerful effect, try this color-changing star projector with a remote control. This item can project a whole universe on your ceiling, and it’s fully customizable: you can choose the color, the brightness, and the speed of the projection!

Promising review: I don’t like to have the main lights on in the evening, so this gives a little light while also having separate controls for managing the brightness. It makes a little noise from the motor, but it’s bearable. The option to turn off the green stars is nice, and using the color buttons at the top, means you can create a few different color combinations and change the speed of the pattern rotations. Very much worth the money. @Ben Wright

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What is the craziest or funniest gift someone has ever given you?

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