10 Kitchen Hacks That Can Change Your Routine for the Better

3 years ago

We spend plenty of time in the kitchen and sometimes even a little experiment or a hack can make our routine more exciting in there. For example, it’s better to wait and drop eggs that you are hard-boiling in boiling water, instead of in cold water. And you can turn your coffee into a masterpiece by just using an orange peel.

We at Bright Side love to share these little secrets with you that make our lives easier and below you can find 10 of our favorite kitchen hacks.

1. Drop eggs in hot water to be able to peel them easier.

Many of us have encountered an egg that is difficult to peel after boiling. But there is an easy hack for how to make your job easier. Just drop your eggs into boiling water, not cold water. Once they are cooked, put them into an ice bath. Now you can peel your egg easily.

2. Use chopsticks to cut your potato like an accordion.

If you don’t have a special device to cut potatoes like an accordion, you can use this secret. Put the potato between 2 wooden sticks and just chop it. The sticks will not allow you to cut the vegetable all the way through. Now you can bake the potatoes and your dish will look more festive.

3. Make yourself some orange coffee.

It’s so nice to wake up to a cup of nice coffee. But you can make an even better version of this morning drink for yourself. Take an orange and scoop out the inside so the peel will look like a cup. Now put a spoonful of ground coffee and add some hot boiled water inside this organic cup. Wait a little while the coffee is brewing and you’ll have an amazingly yummy drink.

4. Cook chicken nuggets in a toaster.

If you don’t want to cook your nuggets with using butter or oil, there is a perfect solution. Put your nuggets on wooden sticks and just cook them in a toaster. You and your kids are going to like this presentation of the dish.

5. Use a watermelon to cook a juicy chicken.

There are a lot of nice recipes for baking a tasty chicken, but this hack can make your masterpiece even juicier. Next time you buy a watermelon, don’t throw away the peel. Instead make a bowl out of it like shown in the picture above. Then spice your chicken and put it inside this bowl. Now cook it in the oven for 2 hours and your delicious dinner is ready!

6. Make your spatula look like new again with bleach.

We use spatulas a lot while cooking and they get stained pretty quickly. You can clean them without searching for a special detergent and bleach can help you with this. Take 2 cups of water and add a tablespoon of bleach. Leave your spatula in this mixture for approximately 24 hours.

7. Make chocolate cakes by using melted ice cream.

Chocolate cake is an excellent way to treat yourself and if you can make this cake by yourself, without spending hours in the kitchen, it’s even better. Take melted chocolate ice cream, add some flour, and pour it into a baking dish. Then cook it in an oven or even in the microwave.

The cake can be made of different flavors of ice cream as well, in case you’re not in the mood for a chocolate one.

8. Keep your plastic wrap in the freezer to unwrap it easily.

There’s no need to fuss with plastic wrap. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult to unwrap the perfect piece. The next time you use your plastic wrap, put it in the freezer when you’re done. It won’t be as stubborn anymore.

9. Bring a dry lemon back to life by letting it soak in water.

Lemons can get dry very quickly, especially if you leave them in the sun. In this case, you can still save them. Leave them in a bowl with water for 2 hours and soon they will become juicy again.

10. Prevent avocados from getting brown by storing them with an onion.

We don’t always use the whole avocado and if we leave it out for a while, it gets brown. To avoid this little disaster store it with a piece of onion and the avocado will stay its original color much longer.

What hack do you use often when you cook? Did you used to cook eggs by dropping them in cold water first?


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