10 of the Best Closet Organizing Ideas — How to Organize Your Wardrobe

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We dream of having a clean and tidy closet, but for some reason, it gets cluttered at times, and it’s hard for us to think about organizing it since it’s tedious. Here are some of the best tips and ideas to utilize every space in your closet so you can properly organize it.

1. Match everything

One of the keys to organizing is to match everything. Match your hangers and color-coordinate your clothing because it is easy to locate clothes you want to wear for the day. It’s more aesthetically pleasing to look at if every item in your closet is matched according to type and color.
In this way, if the clothes are hanging, there will be more space to play with, and if the clothes are organized by color, they will be easy to locate. You can organize more things if they are correctly categorized, and you will be a fashionista in no time since you can play with any color and rock it.

2. Invest in bins and clear containers

To organize your closet is to utilize every space available, and you can bring out your artistic side by using transparent or acrylic containers for your closet. The best thing about this is that you can see your clothing through the box. This is especially good for sweaters — you cannot squeeze everything into one drawer since it would ruin the quality, and organizing them is easy. These clear containers serve their purpose well; the next time you organize your things, you won’t feel like it’s a hassle.

The benefits of using clear containers are to divide everything tidily. Organizing it will enable you to keep everything in place and store them anywhere in your closet. No space in your closet will be wasted, and if you want to change the layout of your closet, it will be easy to move the containers since they can be put anywhere while remaining organized.

3. Put your garments, bags, and shoes on display

If you have an open closet, there are many things you can do. Organizing your clothes is one idea, but the important thing in your closet is the items you want to display. This idea will suit you well if you own fancy garments, expensive jewelry, and bags. You can have an aesthetically pleasing closet to display your important belongings.

To organize your closet is to make it as pretty as possible because you can share it with others by posting it online. This is good if you own collectibles like shoes, bags, watches, suits, dresses, and other things. It’s like 2 in 1, a wardrobe, and a walk-in boutique.

4. An excellent folding technique equals more space

Having a good closet is a huge advantage since you can fold your clothes however you like. But being efficient at saving space will allow you to utilize the whole closet. Start inspecting your closet and imagine or draw where you want to put your clothes and how to utilize every space so that the clothes won’t look overwhelming.

  • For t-shirts, the best way is to fold both sides and then fold them in half.
  • For long sleeves, fold both sleeves backward and then fold the shirt 3 times to get a perfectly shaped square.
  • For towels, you can roll them or fold them twice, depending on the size and where you want to put them. For socks, place 2 on top of each other, roll, then when you reach the end, form them into a ball by pulling the last layer on top to secure it in place.
  • Fancy clothes should be stored on hangers and plastic containers. They are an investment, so keeping them tidy and straight is a good idea.

5. Garments have specific places on every shelf level

The proper placement is a way to utilize every space inside your closet. Sometimes, you need to think and plan everything out, even though it’s just the storage of your clothes. Even so, well-planned and placed fabrics will benefit you in the long run. You’ll have an easier time accessing your things, the aesthetic and clean look is pleasing to the eye, and you can store more items and things. It also affects the quality of the clothing if you place them in a different spot.

If you put things near your shoes, there’s a chance you might get dirt on the fabric accidentally when you put the shoes back in place. Fancy clothes should be placed somewhere in the closet where you think they won’t get dirty and everyday items should be placed at eye level to make it easier for you to see.

  • Fancy garments and bags are placed in the middle or on top
  • Everyday things in the middle
  • Seasonal garments should be at the bottom, and socks and other small things should be placed on the side door or at the bottom.

6. Keep seasonal clothes in a different location

There are a lot of seasons and occasions that happen yearly, and our closet can sometimes have a hard time keeping up with them. To organize your closet, it’s better to separate the seasonal fabrics so that when it comes, it will be easier for you to dress accordingly since everything is ready to go.

Also, take note that some fabrics require specific spaces. For oversized sweaters that might need extra care, you can put some safe plastic around them so that they won’t be dusty when it’s time to use them. Save money by keeping your clothes clean and placing them somewhere safe in the closet.

7. Vacuum-sealed bags are life savers

Sealed bags are not just for food but can also be used in your closet. You can use vacuum-sealed bags for organizing your closet or for travel. Using these will give you more space since they reduce the space things take up. It also keeps your clothing safe from dust.

This is ideal for things you won’t need for a long time, like seasonal clothes. Or anything inside your closet that you won’t use often. Everything will be in place with just a few steps, and you save so much time and space for it.

8. Have extra boxes and label everything

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Organizing with boxes has never been so much fun. Boxes are easy to use and move around; you can store anything inside them if your closet is already full of things. You organize it by taking everything down and re-arranging it properly, so you can put the things you don’t need in a box and donate them or sell it.

In this way, organizing will give you a lot of benefits since you can make full use of all your garments and not waste any of them. If you have old items, then you can even do business out of selling them. You can also store them somewhere or inside your closet. Just don’t forget to label everything so you won’t need to open every box when looking for something.

9. Maximize the space on the closet doors

Maximizing space inside your closet could help you save more space in the house and keep your things tidy. To organize it, you may need to get creative and resourceful and use the side doors. You can put some hooks on them so that you’ll be able to store more items. It could be jewelry, clothes, flip-flops, or other things.

Organize everything yourself — this will help you find your things quickly when needed. The best way is to keep all the small things in one place so they won’t get lost. They should be in drawers or side closet doors with a hanging organizer, a rack, or a clear plastic container.

10. Double the rod, double the capacity

To make your life simpler and easier to organize, it’s better to install a second level/rod for your clothing. Organizing won’t be difficult since everything is in place and easy to get to. What’s also good about this is that your clothing items will stay straight and sprawled everywhere, so you’ll have a lot of space to play with.

How do you organize your closet? Do you have any other ideas for how we can better arrange our closets? Share with us in the comments.


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