10 Ordinary Things That Drag Us Down

4 years ago

It's often the small and unnoticeable details that end up spoiling our mood. In this article, we will reveal what those tiny mistakes are in the hopes of helping you prevent unwanted consequences later.

Bright Side put together a list of things and habits that can leave you feeling drained. At the end of the article, there is a bonus with a piece of advice that will probably change your reality.

10. The habit to lie about small things.

We always want to be good. Sometimes if people cannot create such an impression, some of them prefer to "sugarcoat" their achievements. But the truth will sooner or later be revealed and this will inevitably spoil both the attitude towards a person as well as his own self-esteem – after all, a person understands that his words are a lie.

9. The habit to blame everyone else.

When we shift the blame onto others, we admit that we ourselves are not responsible for our actions. Since it's couldn't be us who made a wrong decision or did something wrong, it must be our surroundings that are to blame. This is how we place the responsibility on anyone but ourselves. Not taking responsibility for our actions only harms us in the long run, because convincing ourselves and others that it's not our fault is mostly just an illusion.

8. The habit to hide your true feelings.

When we hide our feelings, this may mean that we are simply afraid to show them. The reasons may be different but in order to live in harmony with yourself, it is worth analyzing what prevents us from being sincere.

7. The habit to put up with difficulties until it's too late.

When we keep restraining our feelings for a long time, sooner or later they will splash out, but this will happen with far more destructive consequences than if we hadn't brought ourselves to the boiling point.

6. The habit to complain and take offense.

There are people who are always dissatisfied with everything around them. Any interaction with them brings about a strong desire to leave as quickly as possible. What should you do if you yourself like to complain? At first, consider the reasons you feel the need to do it? To get empathy from others? Or because you're afraid to stand out? Either way, this habit won't help you develop self-confidence.

5. The habit of living beyond your means.

If we spend more money than we can afford, we drive ourselves into a vicious circle. It's better to analyze your income and refrain from making rash purchases. Look for options to improve your financial situation if it doesn't suit you instead of looking for options where to borrow money.

4. The habit to always prove something.

When you constantly disagree with someone else's opinion, sooner or later it will alienate others from you. After all, even if you are always right, other people also have the right to their opinion. And some things are sometimes better visible from the other side.

3. The habit to make everything perfect.

Perfectionism (the desire for the ideal) is wonderful but it's also the reverse side of neurosis. After all, "ideal" is a subjective concept and it is up to us to decide what is ideal for us and what is not.

2. The habit to put things off.

When we keep putting our life off, it can unnoticeably pass us by.

1. The habit to sacrifice yourself.

There is a stereotype in our society that sacrificing one's interests is noble and sublime. However, this is fundamentally wrong because if we always devalue our own needs, others will start to do it too and it can lead to the development of low self-esteem. You should start loving yourself and the desire to sacrifice will disappear right away.

Bonus: Treasure everything you have in life.

People tend to underestimate the things that they already have in their lives especially if they happen on a daily basis. While aspiring for more, we often forget to enjoy the things and people that surround us. Remember to appreciate what you have and don't take things that deserve most of your gratitude for granted.

Are you aware of any other small details that can have undesirable consequences in the future? Please share them in the comments!

Illustrated by Mariya Zavolokina for Bright Side


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