10 Pictures That Are True Brain and Eye Teasers

3 years ago

Have you ever taken a picture, then, after looking at it, realize that you’ve created a truly surrealistic work of art? An unusual angle, gesture, movement, or perspective can create illusions that make our brain see things that are completely different from what we wanted to capture in the first place. Other people — very mischievous people, we might add — have very clear intentions when it comes to creating scenes and situations to confuse us and force us to scratch our heads and say, “Wait a minute, I don’t understand this picture. Can someone explain it to me?”

Bright Side has compiled some images that may confuse your perception at first glance. However, if you look at them for a few seconds (or minutes), you end up figuring out the story behind the picture. Be sure to check out the bonus feature where we show you how some advertisers are masters at creating visual conundrums to catch your attention.

“Hello, my friends!”

“Cinderella, what happened to you?”

Someone is out there in disguise in order to peck at the fruit.

Cats know all about weather forecasts.

Metamorphosis of nature

A picture that’s very unlikely to be reproduced

This girl should go on the record books for having the longest legs in history, don’t you think?

“Let me look at your ears. I see nothing, just a bit of earwax, that’s all.”

“This mirror is for sale.”

“This dog is missing his body.”

Have you ever taken unusual or funny pictures like the ones posted above? Or have you found other examples on social media? Let us know and post your pictures in the comments! We might make a new compilation with the best of them!


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