10 Powerful Stories Behind Celebs’ Tattoos That Made Us Admire Them Even More

9 months ago

David Beckham has 55 tattoos on his body and Angelina Jolie has 17 so far — the tattoo fever in Hollywood is nothing new and it’s definitely growing stronger. But not all artists are getting inked for the sake of being on-trend. Some of the biggest celebrities have emotional images etched into their skin which have deep stories behind them.

Bright Side has compiled a list of 10 celebrity tattoos that hold great meaning for their owners.

1. Rihanna — a tribute to her grandmother

Known for making bold statements, Rihanna debuted a massive tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis in 2012 right below her chest. The ink is actually a tribute to her late grandmother.

2. Ariana Grande — for the Manchester Arena victims

To remember the Manchester Arena victims, the singer got a tattoo of a bee near her ear. Bees are a symbol of Manchester which stands for hard work.

3. Vanessa Hudgens — to cherish a sweet memory

This High School Musical star’s first tattoo was a butterfly and there’s a sweet story behind it. A week before she was born, a butterfly landed on her mother’s belly, and that’s how she was named Vanessa, as was revealed in an interview. Vanessa is a Latin derivative of “butterfly.”

4. Kevin Jonas — for the love of his wife

Kevin Jonas has gained some major points for getting a tattoo of his wife on his arm. Comparing the tattoo to a screenshot from his band’s latest music video, Kevin revealed that he is proud of what’s happening in his life and he’s glad that he gets to remember it with his wife. That’s some real husband material right there!

5. Miley Cyrus — tattoos of her dogs

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to getting tattoos and has dozens of them. But 2 of them are dedicated to her dogs Mary Jane and Emu so she can keep them with her forever.

6. Halsey — for luck that she doesn’t need

Just like Miley Cyrus, the singer Halsey has decorated her skin with several tattoos. One tattoo on her arm is an upside-down horseshoe which is considered a bad omen and signifies bad luck. Halsey knowingly got the tattoo because she believes in working hard, not getting lucky.

7. Sam Smith — for equality

This English singer got the equal symbol tattooed on his ring finger to normalize same-sex marriage. Sam came out to the world in 2017 and since then has raised his voice for equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community.

8. Grant Gustin — for his best friend

Grant’s tattoo of his dog Jett is the cutest thing ever. In an Instagram post, the Flash actor revealed that the 2 of them have been through a lot together and he wanted a portrait of Jett tattooed on him so he can be with him always.

9. Lea Michele — in memory of Cory Montieth

In memory of her fiance, co-star, and love of her life, Lea Michele has several tattoos dedicated to Cory Montieth. They include a number “5” on her rib cage which was the number of Cory’s jersey in Glee, “Finn,” the name of the character Cory played on her hip, and his last words to her, “If you say so,” are all inked on Lea’s body.

10. Joe Jonas — to immortalize his lost pal

Before Joe and Sophie got married, they adopted Waldo in 2018. But unfortunately, just weeks after they tied the knot, the dog got in a car accident and lost his life. In his memory, both Joe and Sophie got matching portraits of Waldo inked on them.

Do you have any tattoos? What was your first tattoo? Post your photo below in the comments and let us see it!

Captivating the internet, A$AP Rocky recently shared tender snapshots of Rihanna embracing her role as a mother to their son RZA. The photos reveal a rarely seen side of the pop sensation, showcasing her nurturing qualities and the deep bond she shares with her child. The post also included a photo documenting Rihanna’s second pregnancy, allowing fans to share in the couple’s joy and anticipation for their expanding family.

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