10+ Real Stories People Are Afraid to Tell Because No One Believes Them

6 months ago

Everyone has a personal story or two that they hesitate to tell others because of how crazy they seem. Still, many find comfort in the anonymity that certain social networks bring them in order to share them without fear of judgement. Even for the most skeptical, these eerie situations can shake them to the core.

  • I was out with my friends and came home pretty late. I didn’t want my parents asking questions, so I snuck in through the garage. The door was locked, but I had a key. I turned the key to unlock it, but then I heard an abrupt snap and the door locked again.
    I repeated this three times. Each time I unlocked the door, the door re-locked. Exasperated, I cried out, “Mom, it’s me!” Then I heard the door unlock. I opened the door and no one was there. © TeamH***33 / Reddit
  • When I was about 12 or 13 I woke up in the middle of the night and smelled my father’s cologne. I thought it was a little odd since he lived about an hour away, but was too tired to care. Went back to sleep, woke up the next morning and for some reason my mother didn’t wake me up for school. My father had passed away the night before.
    Never told anyone for years about that night, but around the age of 23 I told my mom, and she was glad to know that she wasn’t crazy. That same night she got startled awake, and the dog was staring at the door, wagging his tail. Almost like he was saying goodbye before fully leaving. © mathisid / Reddit
  • I saw something crouched in the road driving around one night. Its eyes glowed when my headlights hit it, so I assumed an animal of some sort, but when I got within about 15 feet of it, it stood up and looked like a girl standing there. I slammed on my brakes immediately, but suddenly the road was just empty.
    My friend in the car hadn’t seen anything, but asked me a few minutes later if it looked like a girl. He’d apparently seen something similar with his sister a few weeks before in the exact same spot. © Colieoh / Reddit
  • It was the night before my stepmom died (lost her battle to cancer). I was 22, was spending the night in bed with my 9-year-old half-brother, cuddling him and telling him his mom was gonna be okay, it wasn’t gonna hurt anymore. It’s about 3am at the time, and after a while he immediately sits upright in bed, smiles and says, “I promise to be a good boy, mommy. I love you.”
    Now, my stepmom has been bedridden for the last month, so she’s not moving anywhere. But I swear on my life, and my little brother agrees with me, for a split second I saw her standing in the doorway wearing her big giant fur coat, just smiling at us and just looking relieved.
    My brother went to sleep about 2 minutes later. I left to go into my dad and stepmom’s room to check on her, to see my dad awake and telling me she’d died about half an hour ago. So, I genuinely believe she “stopped by” on her way to the other side to check in on her two kids and make sure we’d be okay without her before she left. © gemao_o / Reddit
  • I once lost 30 minutes just getting up from the couch and pouring myself some Pepsi. A trip that should have taken two minutes tops. © Spacealienqueen / Reddit
  • Myself, wife and kids were driving near some cliffs near where we live. We stopped to take in the view and some photos. I lined the kids up with the cliff drop and ocean behind them and took some pics. As they took a step back for me to get a better picture, they fell off the edge of the cliff.
    I woke up sweating and petrified. The nightmare felt so real, one of those that really stick with you.
    I went for a pee and checked in on all the kids, all fast asleep in bed, apart from my youngest 5-year-old daughter. She was on the floor, she had fallen out of bed but somehow was still sleeping. Next to her on the floor, knocked over I assume when she fell, was a bedside lamp. The bulb from the lamp had burnt/was singeing into the carpet ready to burst into flames. © iamowainpowell / Reddit
  • I was 6 and remember playing in my room; my grandpa walks in and talks to me for a few minutes. After a bit he gets up and tells me to “be a good girl for mom”, kisses me on the forehead, and walks out. Mom comes in about 5 minutes later, hysterical, and told me my grandpa had died overnight, and we had to leave to go be with the family two states over where he lived. © shayluhhh / Reddit
  • I was home alone one day when I was around 10 and was in my room, which I shared with my brother. We had bunk beds, and I was laying on the top bunk when the bed started shaking pretty hard for a good 5–10 seconds. I was terrified, but gathered the courage to look down under my bunk at the bottom bunk, and there was nothing there.
    I jumped down and got out of my house and waited on the porch until my parents got home. When I told them what happened, they didn’t really think anything of it and thought I was just making it up. I don’t care what anyone says, it happened. I remember it clear as day still 20 years later. © tmillion / Reddit
  • One time our family dog ran away. He was super shy and scared very easily. So we gathered all friends and family which we could get our hands on, and shortly after he bailed there were numerous search parties looking for him.
    After a whole day of searching without any sign of the dog, the sun was setting slowly. I was standing on the edge of the forest, where I searched and called for the whole day, and suddenly saw a deer just 15m from me staring directly in my eyes. We stared at each other for at least a minute, no move and no sound, then I asked with a smoothing voice, “Did you happen to come across a lost beagle?” I swear to god, till this day, the deer nodded and looked down on the ground where it was standing. Then it jumped away into the woods.
    I was thinking to myself that I just imagined that nod and the dog could not sit next to the deer without making any noise. But I could not not check, and yes, there he was sitting in the exact spot, scared to death and shaking of fear. I gasped and cuddled the dog, took him on my arm and looked into the woods where the deer disappeared, there it was again, staring at me, directly in the eyes! I had tears of joy and was so unbelievable grateful, while at the same time very confused. © PsyDaddy / Reddit
  • I was dozing on the couch at my parent’s place last year. Not comfortably because I was cold. Then I felt a wave of heat pass over me, which was pleasant enough until I felt these firm, pointed fingertips on my head, like something was standing behind me with its hands on my scalp. I was frightened, but then grabbed them and threw them off me. A few minutes later, my mom came in and said she heard a door open and had got the feeling she should check on me. © Dr__Snow / Reddit
  • About a year ago, I was up watching movies late at night when I got hungry and went downstairs for a snack. My room is across from my daughter’s room and her door was open. As I was coming back upstairs, I start turning left towards my room when I hear, clear as ever, “Daddy, can you close the door?” I turn around, don’t say much, and just close it.
    Once I’m back in my room, I lie down to watch TV when it hits me...my daughter isn’t there. She’s spending the night at my parent’s. I get up and go to her room and sure enough, it’s empty. I woke up my wife, and she thinks I’m crazy. She says I was probably tired, and maybe it was the TV. I remember the voice so clear and coming in the direction of her room. It’s very possible that it was just my head playing games, but, it definitely made me question a few things. © TheLatinGerman / Reddit
  • I was stargazing with my family and noticed a satellite moving slowly across the sky (looks like this for those who don’t know). My uncle says, “Oh, there’s another” and points at another light moving slowly across the sky. Then my aunt goes, “Wow, look how many,” and points to a cluster of about 15-20 white dots (that looked like a bunch of satellites) slowly moving in a cluster together across the sky. “Wow, that’s weird,” we all collectively agreed as we watch this cluster of unknown lights move across the sky.
    Then they came to a DEAD STOP instantly. The lights then began to slowly move around each other until they eventually were in a single line across the sky, and they slowly faded away into the darkness. We all still have no idea what they were, and the only thing that makes me know I wasn’t just seeing things is that all 6 of us all saw this happening. © ghostsoup831 / Reddit

If you can’t get enough of eerie stories, worry not. Plenty of folks have experienced bizarre situations which they were never able to find a logical explanation for. Will you be the one to crack the mystery? Go ahead and see for yourself here.

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