9 Reasons Why We Adore Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively So Immensely

2 years ago

The way Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively interact with each other restores our faith in Hollywood marriages. Their witty jokes on social media, pure charm, and loving glances on the red carpet make them the most adorable couple nowadays. Although Blake and Ryan prefer to keep their private life away from prying eyes, sometimes we get a glimpse of what helps them keep the love spark alive. And this is why we can’t stop gushing over them.

Here at Bright Side we are crazy about the chemistry between them and want to share some of their best moments with you.

1. They tell us that no one is perfect.

It is always nice to know that celebrities have the same weaknesses as we do. And Blake Lively confirms this. She admits that they do not wake up that beautiful and put together, but they need a whole team of people to get them there. And it seems we aren’t the only ones who have a weakness for boxes of cupcakes.

2. They show that rumors are another way of making fun of life.

Every day we hear tons of rumors about the lives of celebrities. Some of the stars prefer to stay silent, while others try to find excuses. But it wouldn’t be Ryan if he didn’t find some way to make it funny. You can see his answer to the rumors about the possible breakup with his wife, and it made us burst with laughter.

3. They remind us that it is important to speak up directly.

Of course, it’s impossible to live without little arguments here and there. But Blake shared an effective method of dealing with conflict. The main lesson here is that we need to discuss everything with our partners only. We need to tell them about our feelings, listen to their opinions, and find a way through tough times together.

4. They are living proof of the study that claims we need shared laughter in relationships.

Take a look at this sweet couple if you don’t believe that a sense of humor can make any relationship stronger. Blake and Ryan are known to poke fun at each other and this happens so much that we could probably award them the title of “the most humorous” pair in Hollywood. The sparks in their eyes are still full of love and admiration, even though they have been together since 2011 and have 2 children.

5. Their love started with friendship.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Blake Lively confirmed that her love for Ryan Reynolds started with a friendship. “That was the biggest thing to me. I’d never known anything like the friendship that I had with him.”

6. They support each other.

Psychologists have been repeating this truth for a long time. Emotional support is important for successful marriages. And it is not just about the difficulties we face from time to time. Look at how Black Lively shows her pride for her husband. Just reading her words fills our hearts with joy.

7. They face difficult times together.

Ryan Reynolds admits that he had a fractured relationship with his father. But Blake helped him remember the good times. “She made me remember things I didn’t want to remember.” He also notes that Blake always responds with empathy, even to hate or anger.

8. They never stop trying to better themselves.

It’s obvious that Ryan is already the perfect actor, husband, father, son, brother, and friend (we could go on and on). But there is no limit to perfection. It appears that he cares about the environment too. He’s part of the One Tree Initiative and encourages his followers to help and protect our earth.

9. They care about their family.

There’s no doubt that all parents care about their children. But not all of them take CPR classes. “For those of you who haven’t done it, you will love it. It’s so helpful by giving you the knowledge, the tools, and some peace of mind,” commented Blake.

Bonus: We know you want more jokes.

Do you believe that they truly love each other? What makes you think so? We’re waiting for your thoughts!

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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