10 Secret Tricks That Help Celebrities Look Stunning

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A wide range of ultra-modern cosmetology procedures and the newest equipment are available for celebrities. But it doesn’t stop them from using simple beauty care methods like apple cider vinegar or cranberry juice in their beauty routines. Progress is a good thing, but proven methods from the past work well too.

We at Bright Side found the secrets of famous women’s beauty and got assured once again that it’s not necessary to spend a fortune to look fresh and stunning.

Beyoncé styles her brows with a glue stick.

There are numerous brow-styling products nowadays. But Beyoncé and her makeup artist, Sir John, have a simple and quite effective way to fight naughty hair. They use a glue stick that can be found at any stationery store.

According to Sir John, glue not only does well with styling, but it also doesn’t clog pores and is easy to remove.

Mariah Carey makes her lips plump with the help of peppermint.

Being a true diva, Mariah Carey has life hacks for any life occasion. Some of them are very budget-friendly. For example, the singer adds several drops of peppermint to lip gloss before applying it to her lips. It stimulates the bloodstream and makes the lips look bigger.

Sienna Miller used to apply ketchup to her hair.

Henna dye in hair is an issue that any girl could come across. Even if that girl is a celebrity. Though there are many ways to remove unwanted hair dye, Sienna Miller says that ordinary ketchup is the most effective one.

In order to get rid of the results of unsuccessful dyeing, the actress would apply ketchup to her hair every night, and it worked.

Cameron Diaz fights pimples with the help of eye drops.

It’s hard to believe that charming Cameron Diaz used to be the one fighting acne for many years. It’s no surprise that within this time, the actress learned to use various tricks.

For example, when she gets a pimple, she applies a treating ointment and eye drops to the problematic zone. Such a combination removes redness and swelling right away.

Sandra Bullock moisturizes her eyelids with buttock cream.

Sandra Bullock looks flawless at 57. Turns out, a buttock cream helps her in that. However, the celebrity uses it in a very unusual way. The actress applies the product to her eyes to fight wrinkles. According to Sandra, it’s her main beauty secret.

Nicole Kidman washes her hair with cranberry juice.

Nicole Kidman is a fan of folk beauty recipes. Once, she shared a secret product that helps her keep the saturated red tinge of her hair. It turned out to be cranberry juice that the actress uses to rinse her hair.

Suki Waterhouse uses Cola for the same purposes.

The secret of Suki Waterhouse’s gorgeous hair is simple. The model literally confesses her love to Coca-Cola, saying that it makes her hair a bit tousled, which is hard to make with other products.

Cindy Crawford applies milk mixed with mineral water to her face.

Cindy Crawford’s skin literally glows from the inside out. And it’s a mask made of milk and mineral water that helps her reach that effect. The model borrowed this recipe from Cleopatra. According to the legend, milk was one of the queen’s favorite beauty products.

Margot Robbie moisturizes her lips with cream for breastfeeding moms.

The star of The Suicide Squad has many unusual beauty lifehacks up her sleeve. One of them is moisturizing her lips with nipple cream.

Margot confessed in jest that she is a fan of the theory that says lip balms contain components that in fact dry the skin, while nipple cream does their moisturizing job perfectly.

Scarlett Johansson dries her pimples with apple cider vinegar.

Scarlett Johansson also doesn’t hide her love for organic skincare products. Apple cider vinegar which, according to the actress copes with pimples perfectly, is on her beauty list as well. All you need to do is to wipe your skin with it before going to bed.

What do you think of using folk beauty remedies and products? Which of these life hacks would you like to try?


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