10 Self-Care Mistakes We Usually Make Without Knowing It

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2 years ago

Sometimes it seems that high-quality and expensive beauty products don’t have any effect on our skin. There can be many reasons for this: an unreliable distributor, expired product, or our personal intolerance of certain ingredients. And sometimes, we just don’t use a new beauty product or gadget correctly.

At Bright Side, we decided to find out what self-care mistakes we make most often. It turns out there are quite a lot of them.

Applying patches right under the eyes

Eye patches are a real find for those who are not ready to spend a lot of time on skin care. They promise visibly moisturized and smooth skin in just 15 minutes. However, not everyone knows how to properly use this beauty product.

Depending on your problem, patches can be applied to the inner corner of the eye with their narrow end (this way, the wide part will smooth out crow’s feet) or with the wide end (to get rid of puffiness and wrinkles under the eyes). But applying them too close to the eye is categorically not recommended: there is a high risk of provoking redness and irritation.

Doing dry brushing the wrong way

Dry brushing is a simple and affordable body massage that can be done at home. It improves blood circulation and promotes lymph flow and drainage. In fact, it creates conditions for the natural detoxification of the body and improves skin condition. But in order to achieve good results, dry brushing should be done correctly.

You shouldn’t just move a brush in random directions. Since the lymph flows to the heart, massaging in the opposite direction won’t be effective. Additionally, you need to be careful about the strength of pressure you apply. Hard bristles can cause unpleasant irritation instead of skin renewal.

Expecting a plastic surgery effect from gua sha facial massage

Gua sha tools made of quartz are becoming more and more popular these days. People often buy them to do drainage massage using the gua sha technique, expecting a noticeable lifting and smoothing effect on the skin. But many people don’t see any changes, despite doing this massage regularly.

The fact is that gua sha massage, although good for improving blood circulation and increasing the concentration of oxygen and nutrients in the skin (if done correctly), is not able to increase collagen levels and strengthen elastin, which is necessary for skin elasticity. Another thing is that its effectiveness in terms of facial care hasn’t been proven by any studies.

Applying dry shampoo to dirty hair

We tend to think that we should use dry shampoo when our hair is already dirty. But it’s much more effective if you apply it right after washing your hair. This way, the product will gradually absorb the secretions of the glands of the scalp, and the hair will remain clean for longer.

Pumping the mascara wand in and out of the bottle

Many of us pump the mascara wand in and out of the bottle many times before painting our eyelashes to evenly distribute the product and prevent flakes. However, this only makes the problem worse. By moving the brush back and forth, we push air into the tube, making the mascara dry out sooner than it should.

Using the same product for a long time

It’s a gift from above to find a beauty product that suits you. Discovering one that is quickly absorbed, smoothes the skin, and doesn’t leave a feeling of stickiness or oiliness on the skin make you want to use the product forever and ever. But sometimes this isn’t a good idea.

Our skin tends to adjust to things, and the use of the same product becomes the norm for your skin. Sometimes, rotating cosmetic products can increase the time during which they are effective and provide noticeable results.

Not applying beauty products in the necessary order

Using the right beauty products is one thing, and using them correctly is another. If you want your beauty products to be effective, it’s important to apply them in a certain order — from the thinnest formulation to the thickest — and allow enough time before applying the next product. This will let serums and gels be absorbed into the skin without meeting a barrier made of thicker products.

Expecting an immediate effect from acne products

Each of us happened to develop a pimple or 2 at the wrong time — whether it’s right before a date or an important interview. At this moment, we are willing to use the entire range of pharmacy cosmetics just to get rid of this eye-catching inflammation as soon as possible. But, unfortunately, instant results are impossible here. It’s necessary to go through a complete skin renewal cycle (at least 30 days) to get the results the acne product can achieve.

Using an eyelash curler after you’ve applied mascara

There is a great temptation to curl your eyelashes after you’ve applied your mascara. But doing so is wrong and even dangerous. Mascara makes the eyelashes more brittle and vulnerable: they can break or stick to the curler and be ripped out.

Not wetting your makeup sponge before use

Very few people likely read the instructions for a makeup sponge. It seems there is nothing difficult about using it: just squeeze the foundation onto the sponge and spread it over the skin. But, in fact, a makeup sponge should be wet when used. Otherwise, it will absorb your expensive foundation.

Do you have any beauty products that you’ve used the wrong way? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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