10 Simple Rules That Can Help You Get the Manicure of Your Dreams

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Many women prefer to trust their nail care to professionals, and we understand this. But in order to make sure that these procedures bring you nothing but satisfaction, it’s worth keeping these simple rules in mind. They will help you get the perfect results and leave the impression of a polite client.

Don’t come too early.

Surely, it’s never a good idea to be late because it can lead to a shift in the entire schedule of the salon. But coming too early for an appointment can be just as bad. Usually, nail technicians have a very tight schedule, so by showing up too early, you may deprive them of the only break they have during the day. So it’s best to arrive right on time.

If you don’t like your nail design, say so immediately.

Let’s say you’ve chosen red nail polish and the technician has already covered one of your nails with it. But suddenly you realize that the color green will suit your mood much better. Don’t be afraid to say that you’ve changed your mind. It’s best to do it at the beginning of the process and not when the work is almost finished.

Don’t try to help your technician by moving your fingers or straining them.

Some clients think that they help their technicians by moving their hands or fingers one way or another. But in reality, the best thing you can do is to relax your hand and let your technician move it the way they need to.

Stop looking at your phone.

Of course, if you have an urgent call, it’s okay to take a short break from your procedure. But it’s definitely not the best idea to send texts non-stop, scroll through your social media newsfeed, or play games. For one thing, your fresh nail polish may get damaged. And second of all, your technician may get distracted, and your procedure may take longer than necessary.

Don’t cut your nails before visiting a salon.

There’s no need to worry that your nails are too long. It’s a nail artist’s job to style your nails and make them look great. But keep in mind that it’s much harder to work with very short nails.

But it’s totally fine to take care of your nails at home.

It’s totally acceptable to moisturize your cuticles or fix a broken nail at home. But try not to remove your cuticles right before your visit to a technician. You may accidentally injure the thin skin around your nails, and it’s not safe to get a manicure if you have any open wounds or scratches.

Don’t remove your gel polish yourself.

It’s not safe to remove gel polish yourself because you can damage your nail plates or weaken them. There’s no need to worry that your technician will be shocked from the look of your grown-out nails. It’s their job to make your nails look perfect.

Try to decide what style and color you want your nails to have before your appointment.

It’s best if you know exactly how you want your nails to be styled before getting a manicure. Nail artists usually have hundreds of nail polish colors and various embellishments to choose from, so you may spend too much time picking out the one you want.

Find a photo with the desired nail design to show your technician.

Each technician usually uses their own technique, so it’s unlikely that they will be able to perfectly recreate the design you show them (especially, if it’s really complex). Still, the photo will make it easier for them to understand how you want your nails to be styled. Some technicians even ask their clients to show them photos of the desired design.

If possible, don’t take your children with you.

Even if your technician works at home, it’s not the best idea to bring children. First, it’s not safe for a child because they may inhale chemicals or dust during the nail polish removal process. Second, toddlers and little children are curious and may grab anything they find interesting, including sharp tools that a technician is using.

However, there are salons that have an area designated for children. If you can’t leave your child at home, try to find a salon like this. So while you’re out, your child can stay busy playing or drawing.

Do you take care of your nails at home, or do you prefer to leave this task to professionals?


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