10 Strict Royal Rules That Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Don’t Need to Obey Anymore

3 years ago

It was a tough decision to make, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to resign from their royal duties. Even though they lost some exclusive privileges, they have gained a lot of freedom and independence as well, including the fact that Meghan and Harry are no longer obliged to follow the strict royal protocol.

Bright Side is very excited for the couple and can’t wait to see what new projects they plan on accomplishing in their independent future. In the meantime, we invite you to check out the regulations that will no longer constrain them.

1. They can have more freedom when showing their feelings in public.

This is an unwritten rule, but public displays of affection are considered to be prohibited for the royal family. Even though Harry and Meghan always showed their feelings in public, such actions were never left unnoticed and led to a lot of chatter. But now they can finally feel free in their actions and are able to show their love for each other without being negatively judged for it.

2. They don’t need to follow a strict dress code.

Each event requires the members of the royal family to wear special outfits. Even when they want to relax for a bit and be casual, they need to make sure they are dressed modestly. Men should combine a blazer with a collared shirt and chinos, while ladies are allowed to wear day dresses or combine cardigans with trousers. In many situations, jeans are considered overly casual and not allowed.

Even though Meghan broke the protocol several times, the media never allowed her to slip. But now, the couple has more freedom and can choose outfits they personally like.

3. They can let their children wear any clothes.

Dress code rules apply to royal children too. For example, young boys have to wear shorts before the age of 8. Wearing something else, like trousers or jeans, can be considered quite middle class. As an exception, trousers are allowed during cold weather.

Meghan and Harry still cherish royal traditions, however, now they can allow themselves to be more creative in choosing their child’s garments.

4. They can play Monopoly.

Among many popular board games, Monopoly is prohibited for royals. This is because the game can get too vicious and lead to quarrels. Instead, in order to bond with each other, the royals prefer to play calm games, like Scrabble. But today, if Meghan and Harry decide to shake things up a bit, they can bring Monopoly to the table.

5. They can enjoy a more diverse menu.

According to the rules, foods like shellfish, rare meat, or overly spicy and exotic dishes should be avoided. They might cause indigestion or food poisoning. In addition to these, garlic is also banned at royal family dinners, as it is rumored that the queen hates it. On top of that, foods high in carbs, like potatoes, rice, or pasta, are banned from the dinner table in Buckingham Palace.

The couple doesn’t need to restrict themselves anymore and can have a guilty pleasure like pasta carbonara for dinner from time to time.

6. They can cozy up with a cup of tea.

Tea drinking also has its own etiquette. For example, you’re not allowed to extend your pinky finger when holding a teacup. Instead, you need to hold the top of its handle with your thumb and forefinger. Now, Meghan can feel free to grab a big mug of her favorite drink with both hands and let it warm her up on cold evenings.

7. They can sign autographs.

Even though they have many fans, the royals will never sign autographs for them. The reason behind this rule is simple: it poses the threat of their signatures being forged. In addition to that, they also avoid taking selfies with their fans, as this can be a security concern.

Once, Meghan broke this regulation and was criticized for it. However, today the couple doesn’t have to worry about this and can give as many autographs to their admirers as they want.

8. They can now hug their fans.

Hugging or holding hands with their fans can also pose a security threat. Princess Diana loved to give hugs to people around her, and it seems like more and more royals are breaking this rule. In the past, Meghan and Harry also neglected this rule, but now they can freely hug their fans without being blamed for it.

9. They can earn their own income.

While the members of the royal family receive funds from British taxpayers, Meghan and Harry can be financially independent now. The couple is going to work with an American high-profile agency that organizes speaking engagements. They plan on participating in speeches with trade associations, corporations, and community forums. The couple also wants to focus on issues like racism, gender equality, mental health, and the environment.

10. They can keep gifts.

When receiving presents, the royal family has to follow a long policy list, which defines what gifts can and can’t be accepted. For example, if something costs $150, the royals cannot accept it. But now, Harry and Meghan don’t need to follow such rules and can enjoy all the gifts they receive.

Would you like the couple to stay as royals or do you support their decision of resigning? Let’s share our opinions in the comment section!


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Interesting decision, I'm sure they weighted all their options before making the choice of course


I had no idea that they weren't allowed to do most of these...


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