10 Style Tips for How to Look Fresh All Day Long

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2 years ago

It might be difficult to come up with some fresh ways of wearing the same clothes and renewing our wardrobe. Making a few small tweaks when it comes to how we put together our outfits and purchase certain things may drastically boost our style.

Fortunately for you, Bright Side has compiled a list of 15 quick and functional style ideas that will radically revolutionize the way you look every day. Thanks to this fashion guidance, you’ll gain confidence and take the confusion out of what to wear.

1. Too long sleeves

We’ve all experienced the frustration of long-sleeved shirts that constantly slide down over our hands. If you have a jacket, sweater, or coat with oversized or lengthy sleeves, there is a useful trick you can use to fix them. This is also great for creating a stylish, easygoing outfit.

Put a rubber band around your wrist over your sleeves, pull your sleeve upward from the elbow and fold the cloth over the elastic to hide it.

2. Droopy tights

If your tights keep slipping down during the day and you have to do that awkward dance and wiggle to pull the crotch section away from your knees, it can be rather unpleasant.

We’ve discovered a useful hack: it’s a little out of the ordinary but anyone can do it. Simply layer another pair of underwear over your tights to keep them from falling down. By doing this, you’ll be able to avoid the constant effort of pulling your tights up.

3. Resizing the waist of your jeans

We’ve been through this: you find the perfect pair of jeans that fit flawlessly everywhere but the waist — that space between the waistband and your belly button looks weird and ruins your look. However, the solution to not buying another pair of jeans is right there in front of you.

To tighten the waist of your pants, just thread the central button of your jeans into the belt loop next to it. Then, button and zip your pants, and there you have it! You’ve radically changed the way all of your pants fit.

4. Cropping an oversized hoodie

You probably have no clue about the various ways you could style a simple oversize hoodie. Many people like to crop their sweatshirts to expose their bare belly — but if you don’t know how to do it properly, using scissors or stitching might utterly damage your clothing.

However, there is a handy and quick trick to crop your hoodie and give a boost to your look. All you’ll need is a pair of rubber bands. Take either side of the sweatshirt and twist them around. Secure the twisted sides with the elastics and then tuck them up. This way, you have made your hoodie snug and stylish.

5. Restyle a long cardigan

It’s likely that the length of your cardigan is unflattering, making you appear 2 sizes larger than you are. Give your dull and wrinkled cardigans a second chance if they make you feel ugly rather than fabulous.

Choose a cardigan that buttons along the entire front, fasten all the buttons except the last 2. The last button will be inserted into the hole above the previous one. Then, in the bottom hole, put the next-to-last button. Now, you’ll have a completely new cardigan in your closet.

6. Rolling turtleneck

Turtlenecks are one of those winter clothing items that we all have in our closets. Many of us have undoubtedly struggled with rolling our turtlenecks properly so that they look neat. The simplest way is to fold both sides of the neck down toward your chest, such that the upper border of your neck meets the collar.

For a delicate, casual look, roll the edges inside the collar so it doesn’t go over your jawline. This trick will give your turtleneck a more refined look by giving it a strong, defined design.

7. Wide-waisted skirt

If you’ve found the ideal skirt to go with your outfit but it’s a little too big around the waist, you have a few alternatives. One of the simplest and cheapest involves the use of a shoelace.

Begin by tying it around your waist. Then fold the waistband of the skirt in half and flip the crease inside the skirt, sliding the fold over the shoelace. The tight shoelace will keep your skirt neat and snug by holding the waistband properly.

8. Necklaces that are the same length

Combining necklaces is one of our current favorite trends. It may appear simple, but layering necklaces has its own set of issues. The most typical is when the chains tangle with each other.

You can finally prevent this tangling issue if you follow the advice below. The important thing is to get necklaces that are all the same length. Put on 2 necklaces, unclasp them, and then re-connect each clasp to the opposing necklace’s chain. Lastly, fix them by twisting them around your neck. This technique avoids tangles and allows you to layer as many necklaces as you like.

9. Layering a sweater over a dress

You don’t want to get rid of your summer/fall dresses as the temperature cools down, so if you want to layer a sweater over a dress to get more variety and use out of your wardrobe, this hack could be for you.

When layering a sweater over a dress, make sure it reaches your waist, creating the illusion of a top and skirt. Simply said, you wear a bra over your dress, then put your sweater on, tuck the ends into the bra, and blouse it. If you follow this advice, you can style your fall dresses without worrying about the weather.

10. Styling a tank top

Tank shirts are such basic wardrobe essentials that we sometimes overlook the fact that they can be the centerpiece of an outfit and be styled in a variety of ways. Tank tops may help you reach a more embellished or relaxed style by adding a touch of simplicity to your outfit.

Depending on how you want it to seem, you can adjust the straps of your tank top to give it a whole new look. For example, crisscross both straps of your shirt in front for a completely unique style.

Which of the following hacks piqued your interest? Will you heed their suggestions?


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That tip about wearing a pair of knickers over a pair of tights. I've been doing that for about 40 ish years.😊👍👍👍


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