10 Things You Can Do Yourself to Make Your Place Cozier

3 years ago

We all know how important it is to have a place where we can relax after a busy day – a place where nothing troubles us and where everything creates the impression of safety and comfort. But it's not always easy to find the things that you know will perfectly suit your needs. The good news is that there's a way to create them yourself!

Bright Side has collected 10 things you can make yourself to help your home become your most favorite place on Earth.

1. A dreamy cloud lamp

Have you ever dreamt of sleeping under the clouds? Well, now your dreams can come true!

First of all, take a piece of hardboard and draw a cloud. Then cut it with the electric fret saw and polish the edges using sandpaper. When the curves of your cloud become perfectly round, paint it with spray paint and let it dry. Now take metal brackets and attach them to the cloud. Place the cloud over a lamp, attach it to the wall, and enjoy.

You can even add some more clouds around the lamp to create the impression of a real sky.

2. A relaxing pebble rug

Have you ever noticed how relaxing it is to step onto smooth pebbles while walking around the beach? You can bring a piece of your summer sea trip home with you by making a pebble rug. It relieves your feet of fatigue and gives you a nice massage, as well.

If you want one in your home, take an old doormat, wash it, and let it dry. Then, using a glue gun, stick pebbles onto the rug. Easy!

3. A beautiful soap dish

Talking about summer memories, how about a pebble soap dish? Take a glass bowl, cover it with a plastic bag or wrap it from the inside, and lay out some pebbles. Glue the stones together, let them dry, and take the bag off. Voilà!

4. An easy painting

If you like art, you can make a bright and colorful painting that'll have your guests wondering where you acquired such an intriguing piece of artwork.

  • First of all, buy a canvas, choose some tubes of acrylic paint of the colors you like, and get a wide brush.
  • Apply the paint color by color – several strokes of each will be enough. There shouldn't be any uncovered spots on your canvas.
  • Use small pieces of masking tape to create geometrical patterns on the canvas. Cover it all up and leave some space between pieces.
  • Apply white paint to the spaces you've left before. Then simply remove the tape and enjoy your masterpiece!

5. Funny panda cup

Hey, milk fans, here's an adorable idea for you – make yourself a cute animal cup to cheer you up every time you drink from it.

  • Take a plain glass cup, find a photo you like on the internet and print it out.
  • Attach the photo to the inner side of the cup, take some paint and a brush, and follow the lines and curves. Don't forget to use a special sort of paint that's suitable for glass and baking.
  • Put your paint in a cold oven for the time mentioned in the instruction – it usually takes about 20 minutes.
  • Enjoy your drink!

6. Amazing leaf bowls

Look at these beautiful leaves! Would you like to keep your jewelry there? Or maybe candy? What about using them as candleholders? There are so many things you can use them for and they're so easy to make that there's almost no excuse not to make one!

Take a piece of modeling clay and use a rolling pin to get a flat piece of the desired size. Then, take a large and beautiful leaf, place it on top of the clay, and roll the leaf into it until the clay acquires the same texture. Now take a bowl, cover it with plastic wrap, put the clay leaf inside, and leave it overnight so that it could mold over the curved shape. Then take it out and paint it whichever color you like best!

7. Creative candle holders

Candles are so romantic, aren't they? Yet wax on the table can spoil everything, and it can be so hard to find a beautiful candle holder. Fret no more! Here's an easy solution:

  • Take a balloon, inflate it, and put it in a cup.
  • Then take some cement and cover your balloon with it. Make sure that the layer isn't too thin or too thick.
  • Let the cement dry overnight, then pop the balloon, and – here comes the most satisfying part - break part of the cement off until you get an asymmetric bowl.
  • Now paint the inside part any color you like, let the paint dry, and enjoy your romantic dinner!

8. Fairytale flower pot

Good news! There's no reason to worry if your favorite flower pot cracks or breaks! You can actually give it a second life.

  • First of all, pick apart 2 big fragments. Clean everything else, wash the pot, and dry it off.
  • Fill the pot with soil and insert the shards one behind another.
  • Then plant your cacti or succulents, so they fill the beautiful "paths" and the top of the pot.
  • Now add some decorations: a tiny castle, a fairytale streetlight, some beautiful mushrooms – anything your heart desires. You can even add some tiny stones on one side to create a staircase to the top.

Isn't this broken pot better than any other in your collection now?

9. An easy-to-make vase

If you're more into bouquets, we have an idea for you too. You can turn an ordinary glass into a beautiful vase.

  • To do this, you need to cover the top of the glass with a grid made of duct tape. Remember to leave enough space for flower stalks.
  • Now wrap a rubber band around your glass and insert some sticks in-between.
  • Cover the band with several layers of twine to hide it.
  • Stick the flowers between the strips tape. Yes, it's that easy!

10. Stunning moon lamp

A beautiful moon lamp is everyone's dream. Here's how to make one:

  • First, take a balloon or a thin rubber ball and inflate it. If you choose the former, remember it should be round.
  • Use a marker to draw a circle around the knot – you'll need it later.
  • Now take some glue, dilute it with water in equal parts, and stir the mixture carefully.
  • Cover your ball with glue using a brush or simply dipping it into the mixture.
  • Take some paper towels and stick them to the ball. Use the brush to smooth any ridges as you need your moon to be perfectly round. Then add 2 more layers of glue and paper to make it hard and let it dry.
  • Now paint your moon. Which color do you want it to be? Cold blue or warm ochre? It's up to you, but remember that the main color should be light.
  • Use a porous sponge to add darker accents of the surface. You'll need to use your imagination here. Slightly touch the ball in one place and press harder in another. To create a deeper color, you can press several times in the same place. After you've finished, let it dry.
  • Now cut the circle you made in the beginning and take out the balloon.

Now you can put it on the floor or use it as a night lamp. You can even attach it to the ceiling and enjoy your very own moon inside your room!

Do you want to try some of these DIY projects for your own home? Maybe you have some other ideas on how to make your home your own little piece of heaven on Earth? Share with us in the comments!


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