10 Times When We Should Prioritize Quality Over Price

Saving money is a valuable habit that allows us to buy that special something we’ve wanted for a long time or to go on some well-deserved holidays. Acquiring this habit is no easy task, since it entails a great effort and depriving ourselves of certain things.

Unfortunately, we can get so caught up in the end goal that we forget to invest in important, everyday things. For this reason, here is a short list of things that we definitely need to spend a little more money on.

1. Skincare products

Caring for our skin is as important as caring for the rest of our body. But this organ is more complex and delicate. The dermis requires a whole array of special products to help it stay healthy and moisturized, like makeup removers, sunscreen, toners, creams, etc.

Because of this variety, it’s necessary to see a dermatologist before buying any products. This specialist can determine the type of skin we have, help us avoid serious or irreversible damage — such as blemishes, marks, and premature wrinkles, among others — and, if necessary, detect any anomaly that requires treatment, such as acne, rosacea, dilated pores, etc.

2. Lenses

People don’t usually wear glasses when they are going to read or spend a long time in front of a screen, either because they forget, they don’t like the way they look, or they get in the way. However, doing so can prevent eye damage in the long run.

Low-budget lenses are usually of poor quality and do not do a good job of protecting our eyes. Investing in more expensive lenses can help keep your eyesight from tiring or straining too much due to constant exposure to electronic devices. Besides, there is a wide variety of styles and shapes to choose from based on our tastes.

3. Menstrual cup

Currently, it is still taboo to use feminine hygiene products other than sanitary pads, but this will soon be a thing of the past. In addition to polluting the environment, pads are uncomfortable and can lead to infections if not changed regularly.

A good alternative is a menstrual cup, which, although a bit expensive since it is relatively new, is slowly gaining popularity. This is a very practical product that becomes a profitable, reusable, and environmentally friendly investment in the long run. Moreover, it doesn’t bring any unpleasant odors, and you may even forget you are wearing it because it is so comfortable.

4. Makeup

High-quality makeup brands devote time, money, and effort to ensure that their products meet high standards and satisfy the needs of consumers. For this reason, they are usually high-priced.

Investing more money in costly, quality makeup is a long-term benefit that will not only help our pocket, but also our skin.

5. Manicure and pedicure

Banal as it may seem, getting a mani and a pedi is much more than just painting our nails. It requires a lot of care, the right tools, and a professional handling them to avoid accidents. The skin surrounding the fingernails and toenails is very sensitive, and if we are not careful, we run the risk of hurting ourselves.

The benefits of seeing a specialist are taking time to relax and pamper yourself, taking care of the cleanliness of your nails, and ensuring quality and precise work. While it’s not so affordable, it is advisable to save a little every now and then to have this procedure done correctly.

6. Cell phone screen protector

There are several types of screen protectors on the market, from plastic to tempered glass and from fake to original ones. Choosing the best one is not easy. We might feel inclined to go for the cheapest option because it’s more affordable, without considering other features or the damage it can cause to our phone.

To prevent this from happening, we should look for something that not only protects our phone against scratches or falls, but is also durable. Some of the reasons why we should consider choosing a good screen protector are:

  • they prevent the screen from being smeared by finger oils and protect it from dust;
  • some types help protect the eyes from UV rays;
  • they reduce glare;
  • they provide more privacy as only the user holding the phone can see the screen;
  • they have antibacterial protection.

7. No-break system, power supply for electronic devices

Electricity is our main source of energy, and we depend on it for everything around us to work, from light bulbs and household appliances to cell phones. No matter where we live, we will always need this resource, but we are not exempt from blackouts or voltage variations.

To avoid our food getting spoiled or not being able to send that important mail due to lack of electricity, the best thing to do is to have a no-break system, which provides backup power for a certain period in case of an unexpected blackout. This device is expensive, but it offers advantages, like preventing our electronic devices from being damaged by voltage spikes.

8. LED light bulbs

More and more households have stopped using conventional light bulbs, either because of their excessive energy consumption, because they burn out quite often or because they have to be constantly changed. However, there are still people who are reluctant to change them due to their low price and that they can be found at every local store.

Yet, when we make long-term calculations, we realize that we are actually spending more money since we have to discard them more often. The solution is to invest a little more in LED bulbs, as they have a higher intensity and are available in different shades, among many other advantages.

9. Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have evolved over the years. And the most innovative today is the robotic vacuum cleaner, which is a great option and a good investment in the short and long term. Despite being expensive, it has more advantages than the conventional ones, among which the following stand out:

  • you don’t need to be at home for the vacuum cleaner to work — it can be programmed or controlled from a cell phone;
  • when the battery is low or the cleaning cycle is over, it returns to its recharging station;
  • it recognizes and cleans various types of surfaces— even small spaces — thanks to its intelligent sensors;
  • you can set limits to prevent it from falling down the stairs or bumping into objects;
  • it is wireless, so there is no reason to worry about the cable not reaching certain areas.

10. Laundry detergent

When washing our clothes, we care about removing stains, maintaining the condition of the garment, and retaining its color. However, we do not realize that some detergents can be very corrosive and, instead of cleaning our clothes, they can ruin them without even removing the stains well.

To keep our clothes in mint condition, the ideal is to invest in a good liquid detergent. They are usually pricey since manufacturers look for the best components to remove the most difficult stains without the need to scrub, while taking care that the fabrics do not wear out and the colors maintain their intensity.

What things do you consider indispensable at home, and on which ones do you think it’s worth spending a bit more money?


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