10+ Tips for People Who Want to Give a Present to New Parents

If your friend has just given birth or some of your relatives have informed you about your family getting bigger, you might be wondering what present you should give to the new parents to help and not offend them. Of course, the “go-to gifts” that comes to mind is money, diapers, and clothes for the baby. But even these options are ambiguous and won’t necessarily bring the new parents any joy.

We at Bright Side have reviewed opinions on various forums to determine what’s worth giving new parents and what’s undesirable. And, of course, we couldn’t do without some awkward situations and sparkling stories related to this special gift-giving.

Disappointing options

  • Handmade presents  New parents won’t have enough time to be touched by your efforts and read wishes on DIY cards. It’s also better not to sew soft toys or mobiles for the crib with your own hands if you aren’t doing this professionally. After all, it’s important that all materials are hypoallergenic and without small parts that can be easily torn off. And the list of such details can go on forever. The first thing you should think about when choosing a gift is practicality.
  • Large gifts  If you haven’t previously agreed on such a purchase with the parents, you shouldn’t give a crib, a stroller, a playpen, or other similar things. Future parents purchase these types of goods early on and are in no need of 2 cribs or 3 strollers. Moreover, it’s very difficult to guess the right coloring and style.

  • Clothing — All babies are born with different heights. Someone needs newborn-sized things — up to 8 inches — and a baby who’s born with a height of 8 to 21 inches can quickly grow to up to 24 inches. As a result, your gifts won’t even have a chance to be worn.

  • Baby carrier backpacks  This is a very convenient thing, but some parents are wary of baby slings and similar “helpers” and simply won’t use your gift. In addition to this, there are many low-quality models and fakes of famous brands in stores that will only harm the backs of the parents and the baby’s spine. The purchase of such a gift should be agreed upon, and a model should be chosen in accordance with the baby’s age and safety certificates.
  • The first photobook or diary for the baby — All the “first albums” are undoubtedly very cute, and some products even offer special places for the ultrasound scans, boxes for the first lost teeth, or a page for handprints. But not everyone is enthusiastic about such books, so it’s highly likely that your gift will be left on the shelf, collecting dust. Even mothers who swear that they’ll keep all the notes and photos safe will forget to do so because they’ll be so busy all the time.

Acceptable options

Of course, it’s better to ask parents about the gift directly. But if you’ve decided to make it a surprise, it’s better to choose neutral or technological options.

  • Mats for the child  For example, developmental or musical mats are great. The kid can play with hanging toys for hours or click on the built-in music buttons while the adults do their own thing next to them. There’s a risk that someone will gift them with a similar mat, but parents often use several models when the same toys begin to bore the child. But this is very important: If you choose a mat with musical effects, songs, or fairy tales, check to make sure there are sound controls and an option to turn off these functions (like lighting effects or spinning toys). An equally necessary thing to check for is a thermal mat on the floor. It’ll be appreciated later when the child begins to roll over and crawl, and they’ll need a lot of space to practice new skills.
  • Devices for the baby — You’d be surprised at how many new devices were invented to make life with a baby easier, like bottle warmers, sterilizers for pacifiers and dishes, humidifiers, mini-blenders for cooking and chopping baby food, and much more. There are even multicookers and robot vacuum cleaners, which are also an excellent gift option if you can afford them.
  • Disposable and frequently-used products — Disposable diapers of various sizes, wet and dry wipes, cotton pads, bibs, and containers for pacifiers, are small but important things parents constantly run out of and can’t always buy in time. You can come up with a large set, which for several months will save the parents from a couple of trips to the store. If you still want to supplement the set with diapers, then buy something in a size the child will be able to fit into later on when they grow up a bit.
  • New items that few people use  Have you ever heard of spatulas for applying baby cream? What about nibblers, busy boards, and busy cubes? These things can be presented both solo and in addition to something else. Yes, this is also a risk, but since you’re unlikely to give the same thing as someone else, you’ll be able to surprise your loved ones and help new parents because these innovations are designed to make life easier for mothers and fathers.

Or just give money!

This option is the simplest and most universal: if you don’t want to spend a lot of time doing research and choosing products, feel free to choose it. But keep in mind that many people will give money, and new parents will simply throw all the envelopes in one heap, and they’ll be unlikely to let you know what exactly your money contributed to. So what alternative do we have?

  • Discount coupons or food delivery certificates  Believe me, both mothers and fathers at the beginning of their parental career sometimes don’t even have time to drink tea, let alone cook food. And the opportunity to order something ready-made at a discount or even for free is a real life-saver, especially in the first months.
  • Gift cards  It may be gift cards for large toys or children’s clothing stores. Don’t write off gift cards from hardware stores, because in addition to kitchen utensils, there are goods that will be useful for young parents. And whether they need a bottle warmer, a sterilizer, or a blender for baby purees, they’ll have the opportunity to shop for themselves.
  • “Coupons” to get your help — They can be written by hand or printed out. For example, 10 coupons for a 2-hour walk with a stroller, 5 coupons for a trip to the store, or a coupon for washing dishes are super helpful. Moms and dads are often shy about asking for help, especially at first. And such “coupons” will help reduce the feeling of guilt when they turn to you for help.

Don’t forget about the parents.

If a mom or dad of a newborn is very close to you, give them a gift specifically for them to enjoy. This will definitely be more appreciated than another pack of diapers that the baby will likely grow out before they can even wear them.

Even a small bit of attention will be appreciated amid the flow of gifts for the baby. You can give the mom a certificate for a manicure — and neither parent would mind receiving a free massage session! It’s difficult for new parents to get away, but thanks to your gift, they’ll be forced to take some time for themselves.

What gifts do you give families with newborn babies? And what would you be happy to receive from your friends and family?

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and thats why money is the best gift, that way people can get what they need
Haha So many "strange"things... you should see my baby shower. A friend of mine brought me a 30% coupon for a motorbike store for my unborn son. I was like, maybe a 30% coupon for Marks and Spencer for mama??? :p :p

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