10 Tricks to Make Sure Clothes Will Fit Us Without Trying Them On

For many of us, shopping for clothes is one of the most pleasurable therapies out there. We want to look better and have nice clothes in our closets. However, there are situations in which, for some reason, we can’t try the clothes to see if they fit. When that happens, it’s handy to know some little hacks to ensure you’re choosing the correct item. Doing so will help us save time and money.

Bright Side put together several strategies to know if a garment fits our body or not.

1. Measuring trousers’ waist

One of the most frequent problems when buying lower garments is to know if they will fit us well at the waist level, especially when we have big hips. An easy way to solve that problem is to compare the trousers’ waist with the length of our forearms. Make a fist and put your forearm inside the waistband of the pants. If both measurements match, that’s your size!

2. Checking if skinny jeans will fit

Another point that often causes us doubts is to know if our foot will pass through the leg of a pair of skinny jeans. The best way to confirm this, in addition to trying them on, is to insert the fist of your hand. If it passes without problem, your foot and legs will also fit.

3. Checking your shoe-size

Although trying on shoes is usually simpler, knowing this tip won’t hurt. The idea is that you can measure the shoe’s sole with your forearm; if both measurements match, you can be sure you’ll walk comfortably in it.

4. Measuring socks

Another helpful hack is learning how to measure socks. That’s typically the kind of garment that you can’t try in many stores. To resolve the issue, wrap the sock around your closed hand in a fist. If the heel and toe touch without stretching, that will be your exact measurement.

5. Measuring your pants’ lenght

We also have an easy hack for you to know if the length of a pair of pants is right for your body. Simply take the garment and stretch it upside down. If the pull ends just below your chin, that’s the right length.

6. Measuring trousers’ legs lenght

There is also another way to measure pant legs in particular. Fold them, put the draw under the chin and stretch the legs all the way down the arm to the wrist. If the pants have the proper measurement, they should not exceed your hand.

7. Measuring trousers’ hip width.

Getting a pair of pants that fit properly at the hip level is one of the biggest challenges when buying clothes, even when you can try them on. A simple hack might change that. Take the widest point of the garment and measure it with your shoulders. The smaller the difference between the two distances, the better the item will fit.

8. Measuring a shirt’s width

There’s also an excellent trick to measure a shirt’s width to ensure it fits your body type. It’s straightforward: just fold the pieces at armhole height and measure them from armpit to armpit. You can also do the same with the shoulder seams and measure against that part of your body.

9. Measuring trousers waist

Another trick that works pretty well is using our neck to calculate the waist width in a pair of pants. Take the garment and wrap the waistband around your neck. If both ends match perfectly, you will likely have no problems wearing them.

10. Measuring bags

Last but not least, we also need to know how to measure bags so that they are in tune with our body dimensions. Otherwise, they could be too small or too big for us. The trick is to measure them relative to our arm and forearm in an L-shape. Ideally, the accessory should not exceed either measurement.

What other tricks do you know to buy clothes without trying them on? Share your best tips with us!


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