10 Unusual Parenting Methods Used by Famous Families

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7 months ago

Parenting is a complex and challenging task that requires love, patience, and creativity. While many parents stick to traditional methods of raising their children, some famous families have adopted unusual and unconventional parenting techniques. From strict screen time restrictions to unconventional punishment methods, these celebrity parents are not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to how to raise their children.

1. Pink

Gilbert Flores / Broadimage / EAST NEWS, © pink / Instagram

“My kids don’t have a phone, and my daughter is the only 11-year-old in her class that doesn’t have one,” Pink said. “It’s hard. A lot of my friends have their kids on TikTok, and I don’t.” There’s only one way for her daughter to get a phone anytime soon. She said: “I told her, point-blank, ’If you can produce literature from a reputable source that tells me that social media is good for you, then you can be on it. Otherwise, good luck.’”

When Pink goes on tour this summer, her 11-year-old daughter Willow will be coming along as a member of her team. As per the singer’s statement, her daughter will be employed by her. Pink said: “We just had to go over minimum wage, and it’s different state to state.”

“I said it’s about $22.50 a show depending on how long I go, if I run over. She goes, ‘I’ll take $20, it’s easier to do the math.’ I’m like, ‘That’s not how you negotiate for yourself.’ I’m like, ‘You’ll take $25, so it’s easier math.’”

2. Jessica Alba & Cash Warren

When children behave badly, parents often use various punishments like sending them to their room, not allowing them to have dessert, or taking away their internet privileges. However, in Jessica’s household, the punishment is a bit different. If a child misbehaves, they have to stand facing the wall until they are released.

She gave an example to help us get a better idea of the situation: “So now it’s, ‘Stand in the corner and put your nose against the wall!’” Alba says. “My 2-year-old can last 15 seconds before she’s like, ‘Okay, I’m done!’ and then I’m like, ‘Wait, it’s not up to you!’ My 5-year-old can go for a while, like a minute or 2.”

3. Candace Cameron Bure & Val Bure

Cameron got candid and revealed that she’s kind of a strict mom.

She said: “They would also describe me as strict. I’m the mom that needs to meet the parents before my kids can go to a new friend’s house. I want to know who they’re with, where they’re going. Even now that they’re driving, I want them to text me when they arrive and when they’re heading home. We work hard to keep our communication open and talk through any situation. I am always willing to listen. But, I don’t always say yes.”

4. Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr.

The couple says they have 100 rules for their children that are “strict as hell,” and they have to follow them. The rules include no phones at the dinner table and no social media accounts. Freddie explained where his strictness comes from.

He said: “Look, I don’t believe in whooping kids. I’ve never whooped mine. My mom whooped me. They were, like, preventative whoopings, so I know how to be strict.”

5. Denzel Washington

Denzel said he was intentionally a very strict dad because he believed free will is a catch-22. “I think children are born good. But a child doesn’t know right from wrong, so moral instruction is important,” he said.

He also mentioned: “I remember my eldest boy saying, ’Dad, I always thought you were so strict, now I appreciate it.’ Free will can be a double-edged sword. By the age of 21, my son could see that.”

6. Chip Gaines

Chip revealed that he’s stricter than he expected to be. “I grew up in an environment that was pretty much ’back by dark.’ My parents didn’t generally know what we were doing, and it was all good, clean fun. So I thought, ’Oh, I’m gonna be a wild parent,’” he explained.

“And when I got to be a parent, I don’t know what it is about it, but I feel a little bit like a drill sergeant sometimes.”

7. Kelly Ripa

Strict parenting often involves being unequivocal about the fact that we are not meant to be our children’s friends. Kelly Ripa believes in this approach, and she said that she was never hesitant to enforce any of her rules.

Back in an interview, she gave an example: “She recently lost her computer and phone privileges, so it’s like taking away oxygen.” She also said at the time: “I don’t think she likes me, but I don’t care. I’m like, ’I’m not your friend! I’m your mom.’”

8. Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds


Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds avoid using male pronouns around their children. This might seem strange at first, but they explained why to clear up the confusion. It appears that the couple intends to raise their children in an environment that is not gender-specific.

The couple also gave the name ‘James’ to one of their daughters hoping to teach them about gender equality. “Right now, my daughter thinks there’s no difference between her and a boy. She can do anything he can do. She has every opportunity that he has. She doesn’t learn anything different.”

9. Cardi B

Cardi B has announced that her daughter Kulture won’t be having sleepovers with friends. Despite her own rebellious nature as a child, Cardi’s mother had a similar rule which Cardi would often break. However, after experiencing a challenging life and getting into trouble in the past, Cardi now understands the reasoning behind her mother’s decision and has chosen to apply the same rule to her daughter.

10. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s children are expected to dress fashionably. They are only allowed to dress in the latest styles and carefully coordinated outfits in order to be photo-ready at all times. The little Kardashians have to work the paparazzi just as much as the adults.


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