11 Curious Details We Almost Missed in Royal Photos

2 years ago

True fans of the British royal family must have seen hundreds of royal photos, but even they can sometimes get surprised. If you zoom in on some photos and take a closer look, you can find little royal fashion secrets, subtle wardrobe malfunctions, or cute and heartwarming moments that would otherwise stay unnoticed.

We at Bright Side took a closer look at the photos of the British royal family members and found 11 Easter eggs we didn’t expect to see.

1. In this photo, the Duchess of Cambridge is not simply fixing her shoes or tights.

Her heel got stuck in a metal grate. Luckily, Prince William was by her side and he held Catherine’s hand while she was freeing her heel from the trap.

2. This photo was taken on the day of the christening of Princess Charlotte.

Charlotte’s older brother, Prince George, is keeping an eye on his little sister and peeps into the stroller to check if she’s all right.

This cute family scene melted our hearts.

3. Here, Charles is kissing Diana’s hand during their honeymoon. And there is an interesting thing we saw in this photo.

We can clearly see that Diana and Charles are of the same height, while in their official photos, Diana always looks shorter.

In their official side-by-side photos, Diana was asked to stand shorter or to sit down. This was probably done to promote a dated idea that a husband should be taller than his wife.

4. While being dressed in otherwise pretty conservative ensembles, Diana often spiced up her looks with risky (for a princess) stockings and tights.

These tights, for example, have back seams and playful bows with red polka dots.

5. Following the royal protocol, Princess Diana chose a nude manicure.

But if we zoom in on this photo, we’ll see that she liked bright colors on her toenails.

6. Why Diana is standing so close to this young lady

A photo shot a moment later has the answer: the princess is being given a traditional Maori greeting of a nose rub.

7. This photo shows Queen Elizabeth II taking part in the Trooping the Colour ceremony. But you may not have noticed the way she is sitting on the horse.

The Queen has both her legs on one side of the horse. This form of horse riding is called “sidesaddle.” It was originally invented to let ladies in skirts ride horses in an elegant manner.

8. The Queen looked gorgeous in this blue dress when she attended King Constantine of Greece’s seventieth birthday party in 2010.

But something went wrong with her purse and the chain broke...

9. The Duchess of Cambridge looked dazzling in this purple Gucci blouse. But true fashion lovers noticed one curious detail in Kate’s look.

She wore the blouse backward. The buttons of the blouse are supposed to run down the back. But we love Kate’s outfit anyway!

10. In this photo, we see the Queen peacefully feeding Donna the elephant a banana during her visit to Whipsnade Zoo in 2017.

The zoomed-out version of the photo shows, however, that the zookeepers were slightly concerned and made sure that Donna didn’t come up to the Queen too closely.

11. Princess Diana came up with a clever fashion trick: she made her tiaras blend in with her hair.

Diana would wrap the bottom of her tiaras with ribbons that matched her hair color.

Do you like looking through royal family photos? Which of them are your favorite photos and why?


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