11 Fails That Are So Confusing You’d Think Flash Was Messing With the Story Timeline

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Sometimes we like a movie or series so much that we watch it repeatedly without ever getting tired of it. But even in those cases, we can still miss some tiny details. These may be chronological fails such as objects that did not exist at the time suddenly appearing or disappearing. That’s why we made a compilation with some scenes that are clear examples of these blunders.

1. Phoebe’s express pregnancy on Friends

Midway through the fourth season of Friends, Phoebe learns she is pregnant after accepting to be the surrogate mother to her brother Frank Jr. and his wife’s babies. At about the same time, Ross begins dating Emily. Time went by, and Phoebe’s belly was slowly growing until, suddenly and without realizing it, it was huge.

But the strangest thing was that Ross said in an episode before Phoebe gave birth to the triplets that his relationship with Emily lasted 72 days. In that timeframe, they got married, then had a fight, and broke up around the same time Phoebe gave birth. That means she was only pregnant for about two and a half months.

2. Public Enemies, time increases when zooming in on the pocketwatch

John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) is getting ready to go to the movies. Once he finishes shaving, he takes a pocket watch and opens it; the clock reads approximately 6:02. At that same time, the camera zooms in, and you can tell there’s a small cut scene; Then, the watch reads 6:30.

3. Ash Ketchum and his elixir of eternal youth in Pokémon

If there’s a character that doesn’t age, that would be Ash Ketchum. Even though there are 25 seasons and several movies out there, Ash is still 10 years old, just like in the first season. And except for some slight drawing changes, he looks the same overall.

4. Snape’s extra years in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and beyond.

According to the novel’s plot and the movies, Snape is the same age as Harry’s parents. So, in the first installment of the saga, he must have been around 30 years old. However, he looked much older in the movies, so we can only conclude that it took more than a few make-up touch-ups to prepare Alan Rickman for the role, especially if you consider that he looks exactly the same in the first and the last movie.

5. The girl who got younger as she grew up in How I Met Your Mother

In the fourth episode of the fourth season, both Ted and Marshall mention that Stella’s daughter Lucy is 7. However, in episode 13 of season three, Stella states, “I have a daughter, her name is Lucy, she’s 8.” So that left us wondering, did she get younger as the years went by?

6. Minions: The Rise of Gru fast-forwards in time

The movie is supposed to be set in 1976, so to recreate the atmosphere, producers decided to use “Funkytown” as part of their OST when the credits roll. However, they seem to have forgotten that the song was released in 1979.

7. The Vampire Diaries and the cemetery that arose before civilization.

In the first chapter of the first season, when Nina goes to the cemetery, you can see a sign containing information about the place’s founding, which, as it reads, dates back to 1792.

A few chapters later, at the entrance of Mystic Falls, another sign appears saying that the town was founded in 1860. This is very strange since the cemetery was built 68 years before the city.

8. Back to the Future actually did travel to the future

Marty travels back in time to 1955, the year his parents meet and kiss for the first time at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. For Marty not to disappear from the family photo, he must make sure his parents kiss during the dance, but the guitarist in the band hosting the party hurts his hand and can’t play anymore, so Marty suggests he can replace him. At that point, Marty plays a Gibson ES-345 guitar, which was released only in 1958.

9. The traveler from the future in Modern Family

In the ninth season of Modern Family, in episode 6, Gloria and Jay celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. Yet you can see Lily, Cam and Mitchell’s daughter, throughout the episode. The girl looks about 12 or 13 years old, even though when Cam and Mitchell adopted her, she was a very young child, and Jay and Gloria were already married. Following this timeline, Lily should be between 9 and 10 years old.

10. Vampires that grow older in Twilight

Legend has it that vampires do not age. From the moment they are bitten, time freezes for them. According to the original idea, Dr. Carlisle was 23 when he became a vampire, and Esme was 26. However, neither in the first nor in the penultimate film of the saga do they look that age; in fact, in both, they look older, and in the penultimate movie, they even appear to have aged.

11. Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the mystery of years gone by

In season one, episode 20, Scully is with Hitchcock in the kitchen and says to his buddies that he has never been on a diet, but there was a time when he took pills to control his weight. At that point, he has a flashback to the 1970s and looks pretty much the same as he does today.

The strange thing is that, in season six, episode two, the pair has a flashback to a case from the 1980s. In it, strangely, they look younger than they do in the 70s memory.

In which TV show or movie do you remember seeing something that didn’t add up?


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pheobe was already pregnant when ross merry emily. That's why she couosnt help Rachel out bc of her morning sickness. But now you've mentioned it i will take note how fast next time around.


Also. Its a cartoon! of course they don't age. The Simpsons has 33seasons. Also you could argue that 25 seasons with what? 15-25episodes. 1 season could just be a month.


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