11 Flight Attendant Uniform Details That Can Be Easily Adopted in Everyday Life

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Competent employees are appreciated in any profession. However, there are some industries that require an employee to have not only professional skills, but an attractive appearance as well. Flight attendants serve as the face of any airline, and they’re required to wear uniforms, which have become quite diverse in the twenty-first century. We decided to find out what details in flight attendant uniforms can be used on land by people like us.

1. A band as a decorative element

New Alitalia uniforms have a few very distinctive features — a red and green waist and cuff bands with the company logo, as well gold buttons engraved with the letter “A.” Of course, custom-made buttons are unlikely to be introduced to the mass market, while bands can be easily used to decorate your clothes.

Along with buttons and bands, the flight attendants also wear silk scarves and ties. Female employees can alternate between a skirt, a dress, and trousers.

2. Natural fabrics

Natural fabrics continue to be a fashion trend in 2022-2023. And this trend is as popular in the air as it is on land. The flight attendant uniforms of Thai Airways, for example, are made from Thai silk.

3. A classic or vintage style

One of the most obvious examples of a classic style can be found in the flight attendant uniforms for Emirates. Their outfits have remained practically unchanged since 1997, and consist of a veiled hat, a tan skirt-suit, and a jacket. Even though this uniform design is 25 years old, the Emirates flight attendants still look elegant and gorgeous. Perhaps you also have a few vintage pieces in your wardrobe.

4. Tailor-made

The reason why flight attendants with Singapore Airlines look so good in their uniforms is that they are all tailor-made. In everyday life, you can also have a few pieces of tailor-made clothing, and you don’t even have to make it from scratch. You can just buy a ready-made item and adjust it at a tailor shop to fit your body perfectly.

5. Bright fabric prints

The Hainan Airline uniforms look like a traditional Chinese dress, or cheongsam. The collar has a pattern of clouds, and the lower hem has a pattern of alternating sea waves and mountains. This print symbolizes a Hainan aircraft that has just taken off, and the roc, a mythical bird denoting strength.

6. A pantsuit instead of a typical skirt

The KLM flight attendant uniforms have evolved in 2010. Since then, female attendants have had the option to choose whether they want to wear trousers or a pencil skirt. This outfit was designed by the Dutch couturier, Mart Visser, who took over after Nina Ricci.

In addition to trousers, Visser added an orange color to the well-known blue uniforms. The orange hue can be found in the trim of the jacket, in the stripe on the senior purser’s sleeve, and in the color accent on the scarf.

7. A fusion of traditional and modern styles

The fusion of traditional and modern styles can be found in the Etihad Airways uniforms. A classic cut, a pencil skirt, and colorful details have become part of contemporary flight attendant outfits, while shoulder pads and fussy button-downs have been left behind.

8. Luxurious fabrics

Airlines tend to invest quite a lot of money in their employees’ uniforms. And Etihad Airways seem to support this trend. The fashion designer, Ettore Bilotta, who works for this company, loves luxurious fabrics, which is why the flight attendants’ shirts are made of silk. He’s also chosen a bold combination of chocolate and purple colors.

9. Bright accessories and combinability

Various fashion designers, including Cristobal Balenciaga, Christian Dior, and Pierre Cardin, used to design uniforms for Air France. In 2005, Christian Lacroix took over this role. He created a wardrobe of multiple combinable items, and this approach can be easily adopted in everyday life too.

Also, the Air France uniforms are famous for their bright accessories: a red belt and red leather gloves. Female flight attendants also don a red manicure.

10. Bold color combinations and stripes

The JetBlue Airways uniforms combine dark blue and tangerine colors. This uniform was created by fashion designers Stan Herman and Michael Schwartz, and it comes in a few variations: a tangerine top and a blue bottom, and a blue dress with tangerine stripes.

These stripes can also be found on the uniforms of Kenya Airways and Delta Air Lines. The Kenya Airways outfits are dark blue dresses with pale blue stripes, emphasizing the curves of the body, while Delta Air Lines has dark purple uniforms with red stripes.

11. Color therapy

The fashion designer who created the uniforms for Finnair chose dark blue as the main color for a reason. According to her, this color invokes feelings of safety. By the way, color therapy can be used in everyday life too. For example, you can wear clothes in the following colors to experience different emotions:

  • The color red invigorates a person.
  • The color blue has sedative properties.
  • The color green relieves stress.
  • The color yellow makes you feel happy.
  • The color orange improves your mood and stimulates mental activity.

Bonus: a special festive costume

The flight attendants of the German company, Lufthansa, wear the traditional German folk costume during world-famous Oktoberfest celebrations. The festive uniform looks like traditional Bavarian clothing: women wear a dirndl, while men put on short lederhosen.

Which of these uniforms did you like the most?


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