11 Girls Whose Magnetic Beauty Doesn’t Fail to Turn Heads on the Street

8 months ago

We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Someone’s ideal of loveliness is Monica Bellucci, while another person adores Audrey Hepburn. But, all good-looking women have one thing in common — some distinct and unique feature that attracts attention. Even scientists agree that our perception of prettiness is based on certain details in a woman’s appearance. We’re talking about that special magic, which immediately draws your eyes to one particular face, out of a thousand.

Today, Bright Side invites you to take a look at some unique girls who’ve gained popularity thanks to their unusual, yet attractive looks. Be sure to read the whole article — there is an exciting bonus waiting for you at the end.

Anok Yai

A chance photo taken at a festival turned the 19-year-old Anok into a star. The girl attracted the attention of Next Models. Now, she not only has a profitable contract and great prospects in the modelling industry, but also boasts hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world.

Katarzyna Jujeczka

Katarzyna was spotted by a modeling scout while riding the train. The guy who discovered her immediately realized that he was sitting across from a future star with a unique and memorable appearance. The fact that, since then, this young Polish model has already taken part in several fashion shows organized by Prada, Calvin Klein, and Christian Dior confirms that the scout was right.

Unia Pakhomova

This Russian model’s elfin appearance conquered the catwalks of Gucci, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, and several other top brands. Yunia herself says that she decided to become a model to silence all those who deemed her appearance unsuitable for the fashion industry. This girl was determined to build a successful career, and she managed to achieve her goal.

Kseniya Rain

Kseniya is a talented model and artist who paints portraits. Her attention to aesthetics is evident in her photos as well. Hundreds of thousands of fans not only follow Kseniya’s works, but also get inspired by her vivid beauty.

Maria Oz

Maria Oz makes short animated videos. She became famous thanks to Instagram. Her fascinating online nickname, ’Spiritual Face’, and her unusual appearance attracted the attention of more than 100,000 people. She laughs at those who think that she enlarges her eyes in Photoshop. Maria explains that she has inherited this distinct facial feature from her father.

Willow Hand

This 18-year-old model with a doll face has already managed to secure contracts with many famous brands (Prada, Valentino, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen). Experts compare Willow to princesses from Disney movies and predict a great future for her in the fashion industry.

Marjan Jonkman

’The most successful Dutch model to date’, ’Saint Laurent’s newest inspiration’, ’one of the most popular faces in the fashion industry’ - that’s what they say about Marjan Jonkman. Her secret? Нard work and an inimitable sense of style!

Meghan Collison

’I enjoy being myself,’ says Canadian model Meghan Collison. This girl learned to love her unusual appearance and, as a result, managed to impress modeling scouts from Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Valentino, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton.


Tsunaina, a model from Tibet, stunned everyone at the opening of this year’s London Fashion Week. Her incomparable looks leave no head unturned, and many believe that she is destined for international fame.

Ellia Sophia

Ellia Sophia’s otherworldly beauty never fails to attract people’s attention. Therefore, it hardly comes as a surprise, that Vogue magazine called Ellia one of this year’s main catwalk discoveries.


Shudu Gram, a virtual model

Recently, Shudu Gram appeared in Rihanna’s beauty brand advert. As it turns out, this girl’s appearance is not the result of winning the genetic lottery, but an example of skillful 3D modeling. Looking at some of the photos on Shudu’s Instagram, it’s hard to believe that this woman doesn’t even exist.

Now that you’ve seen all those incredible fashion prodigies — which one’s features struck you as the most unusual and memorable?


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