11 Items That’ll Make Your Parenting Game a Breeze

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Flying with our little pumpkins has never been easy. That’s why British Overseas Airways Corp. found an innovative solution in the 1950s. They created a Sky Cot where moms and dads could put their babies. It fastened securely to the parcel rack overhead and had a protective net to keep the baby from popping out in rough air. We can’t say anything about the safety of this solution but what is important is that people have always tried to ease the parenting routine.

Thankfully, Amazon is here to help too. You can find tons of products that will turn challenging tasks into a piece of cake. From no-contact digital thermometers to public toilet covers, here is a list of items many mommies and daddies have approved.

1. A digital thermometer will show you the temperature of any family member in just one second. It’s an absolute lifesaver for parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, as it’s fast and safe. Another advantage is that it’s noise-free, it’ll vibrate gently once the measurement is done without loud beeping that may wake up your sleeping pumpkin.

The thermometer works in 2 modes: °C or °F. It’ll show you the result even in total darkness as it has an LED backlight for nighttime reading.


  • Place the thermometer between the eyebrows within 3 cm (1.18 inches) of the center of the forehead without physical contact
  • Hit the button to start the measurement
  • You’ll see the result in about 1 second

Happy buyer’s review: This device is very easy to use and has great build quality. Having compared it to a regular thermometer, I’m pleased that the device is within 0.2–0.3 degrees off, which is within the spec range. @Donatas Gasparavicius

2. Sometimes, it seems that all you have to do is follow a trail of crumbs to find your child. This snack catcher will come to the rescue! It’s portable and allows independent toddlers to self-feed with more dexterity and a lot less mess. Kids love being able to grab snacks all by themselves through the soft, flexible flaps, and moms love that those same flaps help prevent food spills all over the house and car.

This cup has 2 handles designed for even the littlest hands to grasp easily and a non-slip rubber bottom to keep it in place on the dinner table, in the highchair, or during lunchtime at school. It fits most standard cup holders in cars, car seats, and strollers. It’s also top-rack dishwasher safe.

Happy buyer’s review: Great for storing snacks for my little ones whilst out and about. My 2-year-old can access her snacks in this cup quite easily on her own. I secure it to the buggy with some rubber links that you can purchase separately so that the pot doesn’t fall while we are on the move.
It’s great for raisins, rice cakes, mini breadsticks, or fruit that’s been cut up into small pieces. I also use it for my 9-month-old, who is teething. I put his rice cakes in his one for easy access when he gets grisly for something to gnaw at :-) Would recommend. @Lady J

3. This medicine dispenser delivers the right dose to the side of the baby’s cheek, as doctors recommended, which helps bypass the tastebuds and prevent spit-ups and mess. Once the medicine has been given, the dispenser can be used as a pacifier.

The package includes a syringe that features markings for common medicine doses, but any standard syringe can be used.


  • Fill the syringe according to the dosing instructions
  • With a slight twist, insert the syringe into the channel on the pacifier
  • Place the pacifier into the mouth of the baby, tab pointing to the cheek, and slowly plunge the medicine
  • Twist the syringe out and close the tab to use it as the pacifier
  • Wash the syringe and pacifier with soap and water

Happy buyer’s review: Before this purchase, we struggled with getting the baby to take his daily medicine and vitamins. We tried syringing into his cheek or slowly squirting while he was sucking a dummy, but it was always spat out or it ran down his chin.
This medicine pacifier has been a lifesaver! He now gets every drop of his medicine and vitamins, saving worries about if he had enough or the need to change his clothes.
I’ll admit the syringe isn’t always the most secure in the dummy, but we’ve never had any spills — we just make sure to keep pressure on it! What’s great as well is that you can use it with other universal syringes, so I use the syringe supplied for vitamins and then swap it while keeping the pacifier in his mouth with a standard syringe filled with medicine.
I’ve never had an issue with keeping it clean either, and I’m very paranoid about this as my baby was extremely premature. I fill the syringe with soapy water and squirt through, rinse thoroughly, and sterilize in cold water. @Sophie

4. Get rid of dry skin, cradle cap, and eczema with this bath brush. Its soft bristles and massage beads make bath time feel like a spa and calm your baby before bedtime. Stick it to the tub for quick and easy access.

For general use and dry skin, apply cleanser at bath time and brush in a circular motion from head to toe. For eczema, use the brush in a circular motion to gently massage lotion into the skin.

Happy buyer’s review: Bristles are so soft and gentle! Perfect for exfoliating babies’ skin. Comes with a travel container too, which I love. The suction on the back works really well, so when you’re not using it, you can suction it onto the shower wall. Perfect size too. @Arielle

5. As kids grow up quickly, you need to track their height. And if you want to avoid marks on your walls or door frames, this growth chart is the ideal option. The plain color will fit any room and style, and the waterproof and durable material will ensure years of use. There are 2 scales — inches and centimeters. The letters are big enough and very easy to read.

The chart comes with a special rope for hanging. Make sure to hang it 1.96 inches (4.98 cm) off the ground. Its design allows you to clear the baseboard easily and prevents it from being kicked accidentally.

Happy buyer’s review: We didn’t want to measure the kids’ growth on something permanently stuck to the house that we couldn’t take with us should we ever move, and this is perfect, and it looks great on my wall! @Victoria Maloney

6. Keep your child safe from germs and messy situations in public bathrooms and on the go with these disposable toilet seat covers. They’ll protect legs and hands from touching the seat, are soft and absorbent, and have a plastic liner to safeguard the skin from moisture.

There are 24 covers in the package, and all of them have adhesive strips on the bottom to keep them in place.

Happy buyer’s review: I always keep this toilet seat cover on hand whenever I travel with my children. They come neatly packaged and folded nice and small. This makes them very portable and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your travel bag. You can use the cover with or without utilizing the adhesives on the underside of the cover. I find it much easier to use the cover without using the adhesive point and just draping it over the toilet seat. This makes it much easier to remove the cover and dispose of it. Despite the absence of adhesives, the cover remains in place. You can use it on an airplane or in restaurants. @Jimmy

7. A set of educational math posters for kids that will make learning more fun, grip your child’s attention, and arouse their curiosity. These posters aren’t rolled into tubes like others and come flat for easy hanging, plus they’re waterproof and made of 3 layers to prevent tears.

The set includes 12 posters: a multiplication table, division, addition, subtraction, numbers 1–100, fractions and percentages, math keywords, roman numerals, place value, money, time, and 2D/3D shapes.

Happy buyer’s review: So glad I bought these. Some my little girl is not quite using just yet, but I’m glad I went for the full pack. They are so easy to use and large too. I have stuck them (the pads provided) inside the doors of her wardrobes. She has used them when doing her homework and has found them so easy! Great purchase highly recommend. (Bought for a 9-year-old) @lisa

8. Kick mats that will keep your seats protected from little feet. With these, you’ll rest assured that your car stays clean no matter how bad the weather or muddy your lil’ passenger’s shoes are. The water-resistant covers fit most minivans, SUVs, and sedan seats.

2 adjustable buckle attachments easily secure the mat to the headrest and bottom of the seat, keeping it flat against the seat for a custom fit.

Happy buyer’s review: These seat protectors are easy to fit & cover the back of my front car seats perfectly. They look good as they blend in well with the car interior. They are firm and stay exactly in the position they were originally placed in. I am extremely pleased I purchased these as they stop my granddaughter & grandson from getting their muddy shoes all over my new car seats. @Angie from Sudbury

9. An effective diaper cream that will protect your baby’s skin. It prevents irritation and redness, relieves symptoms from the first application, and repairs continually. Can be applied and rinsed off very easily.

98% of the cream ingredients have a natural origin.

Happy buyer’s review: I use this mostly at night before I put my baby to bed to avoid any rashes in case we don’t change the nappy right away (when we actually sleep). It’s been great. You don’t need much of it; it smells natural and feels nice on the skin. Love that it doesn’t seem to have any nasty chemicals in it. I am only using this for my little boy @TT

10. Turn family road trips and moments of in-between time into great family fun. Games on the Go is a collection of 50 games and activities that can be played anywhere at any time. No materials are required, just your family’s ideas and imagination. The collection includes guessing games, word games, memory challenges, trivia, searching games, and many others. It’s a portable game collection that can be clipped to a purse or bag and taken with you anywhere.

Check out a sample game:

Happy buyer’s review: Enough games for everyone to find something they can all agree on to play. Enough games to last the length of most car trips. Cool, new ideas exist in these games. Awesome size for traveling & for not losing! @Churning Soul

11. These cups will help you teach your kids how to be independent and organized by letting them get water and hang their cups on the hook after each use. They will also allow you to cut time on washing thousands of cups every evening & save space on the counter or in the cupboard — just stick them to easily accessible areas.

The cups are dishwasher safe and have flexible hanging cup loops and hooks that you can stick on the fridge, glass, metal, tile, or fiberglass. The hook’s adhesive does not leave any residue when removed.

Happy buyer’s review: 4 kids means 4,000 cups used a day. These have helped a ton in cutting back on our use. They all have their color and know where they should go. They rinse them out after use and hang them up. It’s also nice to know who to get after for leaving their cup outside/in room/toy room/bathroom 🙄! @Zach and Heather Orme

What parenting hack do you use most often?

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