11 Times Perfectly Recreated Hollywood Costumes Made Our Jaws Drop

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They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and it is rightly so! All iconic outfits deserve to be creatively redone to the most exact details. From the TV screen up to the box office, recreating looks of awe-inspiring moments can be pretty tricky, especially when they’re moments cemented in pop culture.

Bright Side is always up for some spot-the-difference! That’s why we listed movies and series that showed off realistic copies of fan-favorite outfits. You would blink twice to see the difference between the inspiration and the masterpiece.

Pamela Anderson’s infamous black latex top in Pam and Tommy

You will have to squint to see the difference between Pamela and Lily James when the latter transformed herself into full-on Pamela Anderson for Pam and Tommy. The show’s costume and makeup teams did not miss the opportunity to accurately depict the blonde bombshell’s most iconic looks, even the red Baywatch bathing suit!

Freddie Mercury’s Live Aid get-up in Bohemian Rhapsody

Even though Freddie Mercury’s look during the Live Aid concert looked plain and simple, the attention to detail plus Rami Malek’s precise choreography gave way to flashbacks of the iconic event in 1985. Watching Rami complete his set was like watching Freddie’s live performances from the tank top to the mic handle!

Selena Quintanilla’s iconic purple jumpsuit from Selena, the movie and series

Selena’s costumes play an essential role in the storytelling of her life in Selena: The Series. All her dazzling outfits for every public appearance tell her love for expressing herself through fashion and music. Among the 50 costumes readied for actress Christian Serratos, only one definitely stood out — it’s the purple jumpsuit!

The iconic piece has been so ingrained in the memories of Selena fans that all who attempted to copy the look have exuded the star power of the late singer. Even Jennifer Lopez’s version of the jumpsuit puts it on the map!

Elton John’s highly decorated wardrobe in Rocketman

The Rocketman himself does not fail to make a scene in his concerts and on the red carpet by way of his flamboyant diva fashion. Taron Egerton, who played Elton in Rocketman, welcomed the color and wildness of Elton’s imagination by wearing intricate costumes that closely replicated Elton’s music in the 1970s.

The designers even went full-length with a million crystals used in Taron’s costumes to emulate Elton’s extravagance throughout the film!

Anne Boleyn decked in jewels in The Other Boleyn Girl

Anne Boleyn can be royally remembered for many things. Still, her taste for expensive fashion was the most notable one that the costume designers for The Other Boleyn Girl chose to highlight more, from the bejeweled Cranach gowns to the veiled headpieces and down to the classic “B” pendant.

Billie Holiday’s floral ensemble in The United States vs. Billie Holiday

The jazz legend was one for flowers, laces, and ribbons when it came to her overall one-night-only dresses. The costume department of The United States vs. Billie Holiday carefully created replicas of Billie’s concert dresses for Andra Day with the help of the fashion powerhouse Prada. They also didn’t miss the gardenia headpieces for the swing singer!

Jackie Kennedy’s colorfully tailored dresses in Jackie

Playing a former first lady of the United States of America required Natalie Portman to don some of the outfits worn by Jackie Kennedy-Onassis in the 1960s. Even though the two did not exactly look alike, Natalie pulled off most of Jackie’s iconic looks, wearing similar versions of the tailored matching blouses and skirts the costume department created from watching documentaries!

Mr. Rogers’ dapper look in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The most friendly neighbor we had on TV was recently portrayed dearly by Tom Hanks. But what caught the nostalgia of the watchers was the iconic cardigan, shirt and tie, and sneakers! To feel the authenticity of the character, the costume designers even borrowed inspiration from some of Mr. Rogers’ old clothes.

Catherine the Great’s intricate ballgowns in The Great

Catherine the Great was best known for her glamorous ballgowns that were French-inspired during the 18th century. It was no wonder when the Hulu series The Great, starring Elle Fanning, creatively depicted the late monarch’s flashy fashion. The costumes screamed court elegance from the sashes to the petticoats and embroidery.

Frida Kahlo’s floral ensemble in Frida

The eccentric painter was heavily influenced by nature around her. From animals to tropical plants and flowers, Frida used them in her masterpieces! In Frida, costume designer Julie Weiss never forgot to incorporate flowers and bold colors in every aesthetic of Salma Hayek.

Princess Diana’s black evening gown in Diana

Lady Di was unforgettable in every piece she wore! Her fashionable moments were even intricately recreated several times on TV and in movies. A most notable point was when the embellished black gown she wore on her 36th birthday was carefully copied and exquisitely worn by Naomi Watts in Diana.

Which of these outfits did you love seeing? Which costume do you think was recreated accurately?


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