11 Photos That Show the Resemblance Among Those in The Royal Family

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Genes can sometimes work in unexpected ways. A person might look nothing like their parents, but they flip through a family album once and suddenly discover that they are the spitting image of their great-grandmother. Scientists say that you can go as many as 9 generations back to find similar genetic material to your own.

We at Bright Side decided to see who the members of the British royal family look like among their relatives and ancestors.

1. Princess Diana and Princess Charlotte

UPPA/Photoshot/REPORTER/East News, © dukeandduchessofcambridge / Instagram

Lady Di and her granddaughter (the child of Prince William and Kate Middleton), Princess Charlotte, have very similar smiles, and there’s something common about their eyes too.

2. Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother and Princess Eugenie

Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother (1900-2002), mother of Queen Elizabeth II, looks very much like her great-granddaughter, Princess Eugenie, the daughter of Prince Andrew (the Queen’s third child), Duke of York, and Sarah, Duchess of York.

3. Queen Victoria and Princess Beatrice

Queen Victoria (1819 — 1901) and her quite a distant in time descendant, Princess Beatrice, are definitely lookalikes. The queen and Prince Andrew’s daughter have similar-looking eyes, noses, and lips.

4. Queen Mary and Zara Tindall

© James Lafayette / Wikimedia Commons, HUSSEIN ANWAR/SIPA/EAST NEWS

There’s definitely something common in the features of Queen Mary (1867-1953) and Zara Tindall (born Phillips), who’s the daughter of Princess Anne, and the Queen’s granddaughter. They have a similar face shape and lips.

5. Princess Diana and Prince George

PHOTOSHOT/REPORTER / East News, © dukeandduchessofcambridge / Instagram

Another of Prince William’s children, George, also resembles Princess Diana: a childhood photo shows that her and her grandson’s eyes and eyebrows look alike.

6. King Edward VII and Prince Charles

Ann Ronan Picture Library/Image State/East News, JANE BARLOW/AFP/East News

Edward VII (1841–1910) has quite a lot of features that run in the family and that were inherited by Prince Charles. Particularly, their noses and their general face shape look alike.

7. King George V and Prince Michael

George V (1865-1936) has prominent features which he shares with Prince Michael, who was born much later, and it’s not just his beautiful beard. There are some similarities in the eyes and eyebrows, as well as the face shape.

8. Prince Philip and Prince Harry

akg-images/EAST NEWS, Invision/Invision/East News

Prince Harry looks very similar to his grandfather, the Queen’s late husband, Prince Philip, especially in the photos where they are the same age.

9. Princess Beatrice and August Brooksbank

© princesseugenie / Instagram, Pool Getty Images/Associated Press/East News

August Brooksbank, the son of Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, resembles his aunt, Princess Beatrice, in her childhood pics. They both have adorable big eyes and red-ish hair.

10. Lady Sarah Chatto and Princess Eugenie

Little Princess Eugenie is a double of another member of the royal family, Lady Sarah Chatto. She is an artist and the only daughter of Princess Margaret (which makes her a niece of Queen Elizabeth II).

11. Kate Middleton and Prince Louis

Seems like Prince Louis takes more from his mother’s side. Some fans are convinced that he’s the copy of Kate Middleton herself, others see her dad, Michael Middleton.

Whose resemblance is the most striking, in your opinion?


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